Anti Hunt nutters - welcome here

So the Tories plan to repeal the fiasco that is the legislation which bans fox hunting with hounds.

It is just one of the simply terrible and frankly, unworkable bits of legalised class hatred on the statute book. Nick Herbert, the Shadow Environment Secretary confirmed the move in an interview in The Sunday Telegraph.

Herbert says:

Above all, the Act sits with ID cards, the attempt to introduce 42 day detention and the removal of trial by jury for fraud cases as an affront to civil liberties. It is but one of Labour’s laws that have overridden individual rights and asserted the power of the State.

For all these reasons, there is a compelling case to sweep this law off the Statute Book

Now before the stinkies get their green ink ready, or threaten to exhume my granny or send me letter bombs or bomb my children, I must let you know exactly where I stand on this.

I do not hunt and have never hunted. Frankly, the idea does not appeal to me because I do not ride horses and I do not get pleasure from hunting live animals. I am happy to kill anything I eat myself, though. I do however know that foxes are a menace and need to be culled. Anybody who keeps livestock knows this. Furthermore, this is an ancient country pursuit, fairly harmless as country pursuits go, and hey, I really do not mind if people dress up in pink coats to do it, or drink sherry or speak in squeaky, upper-class voices verwy, verwy lidely.

In the scheme of things, this was a vindictive piece of law that singled out the posh and those who aspire to being posh. But perhaps the biggest reason this nonsense should be done away with is that it interferes with individual liberty.

And so it is that, by this time next year, all those shamefaced prosecutions of people who wish to engage in country pursuits such as this will be consigned to the stink bin of history. And all those people who are consumed with class hatred will have to make up another reason to persecute country folk.

And if you are rabidly anti hunt, please leave a message. I am used to them and they are always unconsciously funny and semi-illiterate. I am sure my regular readers will find it highly amusing. But remember, you have no right to determine the way other people lead there lives as long as they do not harm you.


banned said...

Your views reflect mine exactly Mr W. so I have nothing to add except that at the time that the ban was being introduced I was chatting to a sea-fishing ( hobby ) friend. I asked him what he was going to do to support the hunters but he could not see that it affected him. Even when I pointed out that You might be next he never did get the point.

Strangely Labour backed off from a full attack on anglers, hideously white as that community is, probably because of their sheer numbers.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Don't worry, fishing will be next. Nobody escapes the nutters.

Conand said...

An entirely reasonable point of view Weasel.

Apropos of nothing, can I take this opportunity to recommend to both Weasel and fellow readers three excellent 'Classic' Rockabilly Instrumentals:

Outta Tune - The Big Four
Bloodshot Eyes - The String Kings
Weeping Willow Rock - The Hi-Tombs

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Conand, do you have any links to these?

Conand said...

The String Kings:


I can't find a URL for 'Outta Tune'. I'll keep looking.

Conand said...

Found it: Outta Tune - The Big Four

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks Conand. Particularly liked The Big Four.

Here's a little present for you:

Donn't tell everybody!

damo said...

entirely reasonable comment, however check the facts- foxes self regulate their numbers, neither the complete ban during the foot and mouth epidemic or the current ban have affected their numbers.Hunting is pointless and purely a civil liberties issue.It is not a pest- net spending on hunting outweigh the benenfits a hundred to one and that spending also pales in comparrison to the loss of poultry through cramped condtions- ever see bernard mathews complaining about this issue? he's got money to make...
as most people are against it i think cameron should steer well clear of an emotive issue that redefines the kind of political demarcation zones he wishes to avoid.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

damo, you may be new to this blog. Thank you for dropping by. You may not know that I keep free-range chickens and have done for that past five years.

I have lost over 20 birds to foxes, and the most I have ever kept was 20. So with me, it's personal.

I havn't bought concentration camp chicken meat for ten years.