I am very angry

Just seen the front page of the printed edition of tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph, courtesy of Politics Home.

If you needed proof that the cult of celebrity is out of hand, look no further than this. A big photo of the Gately funeral. Whilst I have sympathy for the grief of his family and friends, let us not forget, he was a member, one member, in a manufactured boy band, who apart from Boyzone had a somewhat chequered solo career, including leaving a touring production of Godspell after getting risible reviews and poor ticket sales. In fity years time he will be forgotten. Not so, those who gave their lives in the service of our country.

When every paper in this country shows the coffins of our fallen soldiers, and names each one, in large type, then I might believe that some semblance of sanity has returned. but for now, we have to put up with this travesty of societal integrity.


banned said...

Mr Gatelys death has no place on the front page of the Telegraph, the tabloids yes and perhaps a brief mention in the diary column.
Did he get an obit ?

Jim Baxter said...

I had the impression that the Channel 4 news coverage of this, apparently harmless, young man's funeral service went on and on and on, making sure that we knew how upset his friends were. They have my condolences. But I don't remember anything of the kind happening when John Mortimer died. Maybe his friends and family weren't upset enough, had too many reasons to celebrate a well-lived life.

wv: hauntabl - that'll be me now I suppose.

Spartan said...

Gately's recent elevation to Diana type Princess Stephen by sections of the homosexual (refuse to use the word gay) community is sickening. A look at a facebook site http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#/group.php?gid=151083562155 that has been created because a journalist dared to suggest his death was a little sleazy is beyond belief. 20+ thousand have joined it!

These thousands should take a trip to Eire and see firsthand what Gately's own countrymens views are to homosexuality. 'Sleazy' doesn't even come close.

Our soldiers are dying, the country is being destroyed by a corrupt government, our liberties are disappearing under never ending legislation .... and what do these lot get their knickers in a twist about? ... a celebrity who had fell into obscurity until his demise along with his sexuality raised his profile once again. He wasn't a Lennon or Hendrix etc ffs.

Beam me up Scotty!

Maturecheese said...

Leaving aside my views on homosexuality, I still think this has been given far more publicity than it deserves. I know I shouldn't judge as I am not above judgement myself but the celebrity culture gets right up my nose and the saddos that worship it need to get a grip. WW, I fully agree with you regarding fallen soldiers on the frontpage.