We know who the Nazis are

Over at Political Betting, they are conducting a poll on whether Nick Griffin should be on QT. The overwhelming opinion is that he should.

Meanwhile, if you want to find Nazis, that is, a mob of people whose sole purpose is to terrorise and intimidate, to disrupt, to shut down freedom of speech, then look no further than the gates of the BBC.

Public opinion won't go away just because of a few unwashed lefties. I am hoping that the next Government are shitting themselves over this. I am hoping they will grow a set of cojones and acknowledge what the issues are.

If not, let's just have a fucking revolution and change the system. Why not? The country is going to be more like Pakistan than England in 50 years time anyway. The default is not an option.


Ed P said...

That poor Mr. Griffin, sharing the QT platform with horrid corrupt weasel-faced (sorry about that, Mr. Weasel) smarmy fuck-wit Jackass Straw - it won't do his credibility any good at all!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Ed, I am very angry. I am angry that I have to defend a kind of politics which is indefensible. I am angry that I find myself sympathising with Nick Griffin. I do, however realise that the main parties have given us a legacy, which is that in the not too distant future, the sheer fact of demographics and democracy will create a balance in favour of people in this country who are not British and who do not espouse European values, let alone British one.

It seems that until they start publicly stoning women and gays, and get away with it, that ordinary people will sit on their arses.

This governement is doing nothing about the issues Griffin is being castigated for, they are real and pressing issues. I very much doubt the Tories will do that either.

We are in the shit, but you knew that!

banned said...

If the BNP are successful it will be Labour seats that are lost and it will be Labour who will have to share the Opposition benches with them. Serves them right.