Weasel's QT/BNP bloground

First off, I didn't see the show. Don't have a TV. Don't watch car crashes.

Iain Dale:

"He was nervous, trembling, acting with exaggerated gestures, grinning at inappropriate moments and at times incoherent"

- nobody told me Gordon Brown was going to be on it

Political Betting:

A hostile highly articulate audience facing a man who, being blunt about it, didn’t get over any message very well and seemed, at times, to be inarticulate.

I was expecting well thought-out sound-bites on how his party was fighting for sections of society that didn’t get heard and who were being ignored by the mainstream parties - something like that could have been powerful and brought benefit to the BNP.

From the extracts seen so far that didn’t happen and you’ve got to conclude that he fluffed it - he simply appeared unprepared for the likely grilling.

- a lot of people knew that Griffin and his ideas won't stand the light of day, even if he is right on some of the substantive issues.

Tom Harris:

I haven’t watched it yet – I have better things to do, but if I’ve nothing better to do tomorrow I might watch it then.

- that makes two of us then, Tom.

The Spectator:

Griffin embarrassed himself in front of the cameras - he was given scant opportunity to gloss over his more unsavoury views; he looked terribly uncomfortable whenever the debate ran away from him; and the other panellists scored most of the major points (Pete Hoskin)

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banned said...

Daily Mail fairly hostile this morning though in a general way; no doubt the readers comments will be interesting.
They post 4 vids ( 3 actually since 2 & 3 are identical ) but none of the other panelists are shown saying anything at all and the only opposition comes from two articulate young Black/Asian men in the audience.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same show and accounts above not strictly accurate.
This is what happened:

Norton Folgate said...

The panel was loadedand hostile.

The audience was loaded and hostile.

All but one of the questions were hostile and about him or his party.

He barely got through a single sentence before one of the others interrupted trying to out self righeous the rest.

Dimbleby came pre-equipped with a list of every thing that Griffin is supposed to have said since he was 12 which he used every time Griffinstarted to speak.

If he was nervous and trembling it was hardly surprising.

The BBC at its impartial best.

strapworld said...


The nearest we got to a Lynch Mob last night. I have never seen such a young audience in a Question time before.

I doubt that anyone faced with a baying mob a totally partial chairman and four other panel members out to 'get' you and the audience who would not let the man finish a sentence, nobody could be rational and on top of their game!

The most interesting facts? Bonnie Greer an american is the Deputy Chairman of the British Museum! She also told us her politically correct version of our national background including the fact that Churchill was part Red Indian!!

Jack Straw's father was a Conscientious Objector and I read on another blog that he himself refused to be in the Army cadet Corp at his boarding school!!

(Yet he sends out chaps and girls out to fight wars he would not fight himself! 0h what a Man of Straw! )

Griffin secured his vote and will, sadly, win some seats in parliament now!

Rebel Saint said...

Nick did nothing to improve his political credibility last night. However he fared no worse than no worse than Jack Straw despite all his years of front line political experience and professional media coaching.

The show was part farce, part lynch mob.

I think it's actually the 3 mainstream parties who came across as having nothing new or constructive to say.

We need a revolution and the only people I currently see offering one are the BNP.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks for your comments. I am spending time trying to arrive at an overview of the whole episode, and the comments here are most helpful.

I want, in the end, to see this in perhaps a historical perspective, which I believe it is.

Pandora's box has been opened. The lid cannot be closed. I think mainstream politics has been shaken. Even the BBC don't come out smelling of roses, but I never expected they would.

More on this please.

Fatty Foulkes said...

Totally biased hand picked audience. The camera panned around and it was all the usual suspects.
Straw never had to explain his party's attacks and killings of millions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or the love-ins with Mugabe and Gaddaffi. Straw didn't even have to answer why there was still an open door policy to immigrants with 3 million unemployed.
In fact Straw was allowed to say that there was no requirement for any limit on immigration without deabte.
And that black American Greer working at the British museum basically said there was no point celebrating our culture as we all came from the south after the last ice age and everyone is the same. I wonder what her views are on The Battle of Trafalgar ? Why some nations blossom and others stay in the mire.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article from The Daily Mail.

" Talk about bare-faced hypocrisy.

Amidst the furore over the BBC's decision to invite Nick Griffin on to Question Time, its director general, Mark Thompson, claims that he had no choice because of the Corporation's 'central principle of political impartiality'.

What a pity that the BBC for years has comprehensively trampled this so-called 'central principle' into the dirt.

This is an organisation that's utterly in thrall to the left-wing agenda of the majority of its staff.

Until very recently, the BBC systematically censored any debate about immigration into Britain, a nation which, as was revealed yesterday, is on its way to a population of 70million.

It also treats global warming with the fervour of a religion, and is so pro-Brussels that even a report commissioned by the BBC itself found that it was hopelessly biased against the Eurosceptic position.

It's an institution that by its very nature promotes alternative lifestyles and minority groups at the expense of traditional values, and it doesn't have much time for Christianity, capitalism, or the countryside either.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of letting Mr Griffin onto Question Time, the BBC can't pretend that some sacred principle of political impartiality had anything to do with it. "