Bang em up, hang em high

In early May of this year, I posted this

It looks as though the DPP is finally getting around to it.

Bring it on.

If Uddin plays the race card, do you think the others will play the fat ugly bastard card?


cast iron troughers said...

Jim Devine could definitely play the feeble minded card. Get off on diminished responsibility or something. His story of troughing was an excellent read. Fake invoices from non existent electricians. Joiners building shelves in a pub beer cellar for his files. It went on and on. Was actually quite entertaining.
I wasn't surprised to see the PM failing to take the Kelly report seriously in the Queens speech.
Didn't get a mention after his promises to introduce legislation to help draw a line under the expenses scandal.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

No surprise there. Labour will be forever associated with the expenses scandal, inspite of the rot being across the parties. Brown did as he always did with this and dithered.

strapworld said...


Hold your horses. The DPP has to make the decision.

Now, lets consider, who appointed him? Oh yes The Labour Government! What is going to happen (hopefully) within the next six months? The general election.! Would a prosecution of so many Labour members be good for Labour? of course not!
Therefore there will be no prosecution.

The DPP will say that The Lords have no rules to stop what has happenned and the MP's thought they had permission from the authorities. Therefore a prosecution would not succeed!

I do hope I am totally wrong.

I think the thing that stinks is Brown's refusal to bring forward legislation re The Kelly Report. It tells me he has done a deal with the DUP and the IRA so they can be members of both parliaments picking up two salaries etc.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

A compelling scenario, Strapworld. I don't know what will happen, but I maintain that this is worse for Labour than the Tories, since, not only did it happen on their watch, but they tried to suppress it with the complicity of a corrupt Speaker.