Pola Uddin should be arrested for fraud

Baroness Uddin asked the following question in the House of Lords:

“My Lords, does my noble friend accept that our policy on homeless families impacts greatly on those who are waiting on the list? Is she aware that about 25,000 families are on the waiting list in east London? What does her department intend to do about the new housing to be built on the Olympic site to address the need for family housing?”

Given the recent revelation that she has defrauded the taxpayer of £100,000 by pretending that an EMPTY flat was her main residence, she could have at least not been a hypocrite and let her flat to one of the deserving 25,000.

Pola Uddin has been shortlisted for "Peer of the Year" by the "Women in Public Life Awards" The blurb says,

"Baroness Uddin hosts outreach events across the UK to encourage women, particularly women from ethnic minority communities to step forward and stand for local election."

And then, presumably to be in a strong position to steal from the public purse.
This miserable excuse for a public servant should be publicly flogged. Of course, this will not happen. Neither will she be imprisoned. The Government has a way of fixing things. Especially if the Peers involved are from ethnic minorities.


Plato said...

Mr Weasel

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Anonymous said...

She is a total disgrace. No doubt, she will be arrogant and deny all of it which she is doing. The best thing she can do is resign, the worst thing she can do is carry on trying to justify it. Everyone knows she's committed fraud, she knows it, her family obviously know it, the bloody neighbours know it.

Bill Quango MP said...

Hard to believe really. But I'm sure its within the rules/above board, agreed with the commission.

ranger1640 said...

Are the members in both houses of parliament unaware how much the vast majority of the populous of the UK despise their expenses and their very existence.

I would suggest they take a walk down any High Street in their constituency or area where they live, and ask members of the public what they think of parliamentary expenses.

I think they will not get very far before they are calling the police to come and rescue them from the angry mob that is besieging them.

I would suggest that if they are so out of touch with the people that they should leave parliament as soon as possible. Because if they are so out of touch how can they clam to be representing us the people.

We have here in Northern Ireland MP’s who are MLA’s some also hold ministerial posts in our assembly and some are local councillors.

How in hells name can they do 3 jobs and get over 100k a year for doing 3 full time jobs?

Then we have 5 Sinn Fein MP’s who don’t take their seat in parliament yet they can clam 100’s of thousands in expenses. This is perverse in the extreme.

This is just greed on a parliamentary scale it is no different to the vast bonuses and pensions paid to the disgraced bankers.

This post is for all MP’s form every party and to any genuine MP out there it is your duty to the people of the UK to expose this expenses robbery and stop any censoring of receipts!

Anonymous said...

CryBaby - Why bother denying it, when you can 'Carter-Fuck' to put out a bland 'carefully worded statement' at public expense ?

Mind you, it proves she is 'middle-class', if one splits the difference between her working in the home of the aristocracy and living in the home of a working-class person who might otherwise be able to occupy the house...