Christmas Greetings


Anonymous said...

To you and yours from me and mine.

May you always have a good stock of bamboo to eat.

I a trying to scan a document from H M Gumint of subliminal influencing the Global Warming Debate, which they have swiftly removed from their Environment Agency website.

I thought that your experience as a trained wordsmith with advertising nous would be appropriate.

Norton Folgate said...

Have a good one WW

subrosa said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours WW.

Anonymous said...

Got them.

They have disappeared fro The Environment Agency website but are still available on the futerra one,

Minnie said...

Beautiful post - shame I encountered it after the event; but glad I did (if only for the Tennyson, which I hadn't read for years).
Admire your enterprise in Scotland & wish you well with that. Loved the video about the 3 student walkers: you must be very proud of your son. I know that journey well, & wouldn't travel it on foot myself! So 'chapeau, au top' to him for keeping on keeping going.
Best wishes for the New Year to you and yours from France.

Thatsnews said...

Full of very good points. In the 1970s, I was working hard and making a hell of a lot of money. Sunny Jim put an end to that.

There were then years of struggle until I was eventually back to earning (in proportion) a tiny fraction of what I had earned 2 decades before.

I was chatting to a bus driver one day. He had worked hard in industry inthe 1970s and in 1999 was still only earning half of hisd 1976 wage packet.