Letter to myself at Sixteen

Tom Harris has tagged me to do the "Letter to myself at 16" Apparently, the rules are as follows:

The age at which your younger self is to receive this epistle is 16, not 17. You can offer only three pieces of advice, and you have to keep it snappy.

Hello Ged,

It's me. (Well, you, actually, writing from the year 2009) I probably cannot tell you much about the future or the space/time matrix will probably collapse. No hover cars, hardly anybody lives in space, and they certainly have problems with gravity, and we eat far better than you do now, with not a protein pill in sight. Get this: you can go to a shop anywhere and buy tiny vegetables that have been picked the day before in Africa, and flown in by jet. Yeah. I know what you are thinking. "Why do they do that?". Everyone does have a personal communicator, just like star trek so watch out for those.

To business. Everything will get better. It will be a long haul but it will get better. First you must not worry about college right now. That will sort itself out in a few years time, so have fun and meet people.

Secondly, Girls. Yes I know they think you are gay, so you will have to be patient. Go for the ones you want to be friends with, but don't look a tawdry casual encounter in the face. It won't do you as much harm as they are telling you.

Thirdly, In the next year or so you are going to be faced with a decision that will change your life from top to bottom. You will know what it is when you are presented with it. Trust me, and go for it, but be warned, your own experience is paramount, others will for a variety of reasons try and screw it up for you - actually quite important seeming people - so keep it simple.

Catch you later. Your wife and kids are fantastic!

I tag SubrosaRuth the Mad Gardener, and Denverthen


Ruth@VS said...

Nice letter! You will have to wait for my response as I am currently away from home on slow hotel broadband - will think about it...

Plato said...

Very good!

denverthen said...

And worryingly familiar in so many ways :)

Anonymous said...

Wait... you're NOT gay?

That's a disappointment, and just before christmas too...

subrosa said...

I'll give this some thought before New Year WW.

denverthen said...

I've just worked out what being 'tagged' means. How very touching.

But I would have no idea where to begin. I've forgotten so much over the intervening pair of decades, I'm not sure I even know the person I'm supposed to be writing to. Quite honestly, I'm not sure I would want to either.

Happy New Year, old boy.