It can get nasty

I am distressed to find that Subrosa, a Scottish blogger with Nationalist leanings, has closed her blog.

The chatter, and I must stress, this is only chatter I have gleaned from elsewhere, is that someone went to the trouble of finding out her identity and address. This has evidently upset her and she must now feel compromised.

It's a bit different for me. I have nothing to lose. I don't represent much of a threat to anybody, my blog is nowhere as interesting as Subrosa's was, I don't hide my identity and if you do want to come round and intimidate me I am ready for you...cold dead hands and all that.

So, farewell, Subrosa. 


wish we were back in the 70's said...

That's 6 blogs gone now ( AMW, universality of cheese, subrosa, gigits, moridura, wardog ). Plus others switching to guests only.
The pressure is getting to 'them' and they are afraid of 'us'.
You will be on some list now WW. But hopefully will hang on a bit longer than others.
Sad country right enough.
And don't expect to read about any of this in the MSM.

Hamish said...

Blogs come and go, and I have taken pleasure from many, including Subrosa's and your own.

But Blogging was just a phase, now dropping out of fashion. Twittering will drop out soon too.

Jim Baxter said...

Much love to Subrosa.