Meredith Kercher case

I am shocked. Shocked at the reaction to the verdict, that Amanda Knox has been found guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher.

Trailing through the comments on various news sites, one gets the impression Miss Knox is almost certainly innocent, and on top of that, a sinless maiden who only seeks to bring sweetness and light into the world.  Very little has been mentioned about the third man, Rudy Guede. Guede, was a typical no-hoper in this. Guede started out with nothing and still had most of it left, when they finally caught him, after he fled Italy. He is black, his brief life to date (he is 21) consists of petty crime, incredible good luck (he was adopted by a multi-millionaire who gave him a room, a job and a chance to get on his feet, which he sabotaged) and has been abandoned by just about everybody in his short life.

Don't get me wrong. I don't feel at all sorry for him. But see the difference? Look at "Foxy Knoxy". She's a classy, all American White Girl. I feel the most damning, and irrefutable piece of evidence against her is that Knox tried to implicate an entirely innocent man in the murder - Patrick Lumumba, another black, and of course, guilty due to skin colour.

What is it about the Western European mentality that they cannot see evil in a pretty white face? The comments being bandied about in the immediate aftermath of the trial betray an undercurrent of sexism and racism. Its the same blindness that has enshrined the right of a woman to falsely cry "rape", remain anonymous and ruin the life of an innocent man. Our reactions in these cases still appear to be visceral, not intellectual. It is as if we still hold to the Victorian belief in Phrenology.

The face of an angel?


statistics said...

But you must admit that a white women aged 21, studying for a degree, from a wealthy home in the US, speaking fluent Italian isn't your usual murderer. In this case she is guilty but in most cases a female murderer aged 21 would be a crack addict hoe from the dark south of the US. I'm sure statistics would back this up. But I'm open to the evidence.

subrosa said...

Glad to hear your opinion WW. Have a read of OldRightie's too.

The newspaper comments sections are yelling 'there's no evidence'.

I know ziltch about Italian courts and law, but I'm sure it's similar to ours.

Bugger said...

Tongue firmly stuck inside cheek?

Hamish said...

Well said, WW.
A disturbing and horrific case.
The first person charged pleaded guilty.
The presumption was that he had entered into a guilty-plea agreement; he got 30 years.
The others got 26/25 years.
It is beyond belief that any of them were innocent in this case.

Anonymous said...

Most spoilt young people are white!

Anonymous said...

I salute your courage WW, and objectivity, in calling to attention an uncomfortable nuance relating to interacial perceptions. If we all afforded ourselves this sophisticated outlook on such issues, society may begin to change for the better, I think..

Chris said...

Not all angels are on the side of the light.

This one seems to believe that her enjoyment obviated the rights of everyone else, the Italian courts have shown her that this isn't so.

Dave said...

If it was tried in a Scottish court wouldn't the verdict be "Not proven"?

I'm not convinced by the evidence. The prosecution had no case. Maybe Knox did kill her but this trial did nothing to prove it either way.

That's the point surely?

Eric Davidson said...

It has taken two years to arrive at at this verdict.. I'm thinking that, even if Knox does appear her recent guilty verdict, she will be eating prison food for a long time in the future.

Nick said...

The case is interesting only for what it reveals of the Italian judicial system (inept examination of crime scene, DNA analysis irregularities, alleged brutality by interrogating officers, lurid supposed motive for crime).

The amount of media attention of a single murder is remarkable, and smacks of news management - not least as it keeps political and financial stories of the front pages.

King Athelstan said...

And had it been in America, and had Meredith Kercher been a white American girl, what would little miss Knox be facing now? Thereare many poor Americans black and white executed on less evidence than this, its the steaming hypocrisy that angers me.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes King Athelstan, that rather adds to my point. There is an obvious imbalance and it is shocking that we don't see it - the old joke about being arrested for "driving a nice car whilst being black"

On the other hand, my later post is about the refusal of the liberal left to address the problem of knife crime among the Afro-Caribbean community. It swings both ways, but in the Kercher case, the inverse racism is blatant and sickening.