Julie London - Round Midnight

'Round Midnight is a wonderful song, does not matter if its Mile Davis or JulieLondon, it just sounds so replete, and washed out in a whisky sort of way.

Julie London has a voice like melted chocolate dripping onto velvet. Just right for the later hours when you are feeling mellow. My dad bought "London By Night" In the early Sixties, and even as a young lad, I was hooked. Thanks, Jim, for reminding me. London by Night does not have this track, but by golly, they are all great songs.


Polaris said...

Happy New year - here's to a better one.

Clara x

Dave said...

Just a bit before my time WW. But I enjoyed her "Cry me a river". I thought Mari Wilson's version was OK, but the best cover is to be found on Richard Thompson's "1000 years of popular music". Richard plays the original Barney Kessel guitar arrangement and Judith Owen sings it and makes it her own.

Judith can also be seen on backing vocals in the current Spinal Tap lineup (as featured at Glasto last year)I understand she sleeps with the bass player Harry Shearer.