WW's window on the tens and teens

Here are my predictions for the next decade. Of course, I have special knowledge that you do not have access to.

  • Political Correctness will finally be seen for the fallacious garbage bin of internal contradictions and travesty of natural justice that it truly is. People will see the light on this and so called minorities will feel the cold wind of just criticism for exploiting it to the full.
  • The BBC will not survive by extorting money from the public by menaces, and probably contract massively or disappear altogether.
  • Islamic fundamentalism will be met head on with bloody results.
  • England and Wales will continue to slide down the scale in world rankings and end up on a financial and social level with Kazakhstan.
  • Scotland will continue to emerge as a viable independent nation.
  • David Cameron will not survive a second term in office as PM, though he will be PM, since he is palpably weak and devoid of charisma.
  • The divide between rich and poor, privileged and disenfranchised will widen.
  • Lies and Greed will remain the driving force of politics and commerce.

Sorry to piss on your cornflakes. Other suggestions welcome.


Jim Baxter said...

Luckily I stick to Weetabix, and they stick to me.

I agree about Cameron. The man is a vacuum, like Blair. Thuggery abhors a vacuum and quckly fills it. Don't disagree with much else either.

Here though is a happy prediction. I am at this moment listening to Chet Baker and Stephane Grapelli, playing at 15 ips on me old TEAC A-3440. What artists. What a machine. The prediction is that analogue will be back, big time. It's happening already. Analogue reels! I mean 'rules!'

subrosa said...

You're right about Cameron WW but he may get a second term although that depends upon who takes over labour I should think.

Jim, is that a TEAC record player? I've one of those in the loft along with a transmitter thing which does radio. Is it called a transmitter? Auch you know what I mean. It's not the old type but the first of the new type - around 40 years old I would say.

Jim Baxter said...


No m'dear. It's a tape deck. OK, not a Studer professional but heading that way damn near it. Big steel reels with giant hubs. Google 'A-3440' images and ye shall see what I mean.

BTW, Rosy, I found a recording in me personal archives of John Grieve singing 'The Crinan Canal for Me'.

Mind o that?

Jim Baxter said...

Quiet round here just now isn't it? Oh well. Just to show WW that there are those of us who appreciate his thought-provoking blog and look in regularly

Julie London. My God. Julie London. Now, don't get me wrong - I admire Amy Winehose a lot - her voice is brilliant in the sense that a Bach trumpet played well is brilliant - she is brass in a glass - but where is the breathy sex? In Julie London's singing, that's where. I will tell you this boy: I feel a lot less fin de siecle right now.

wv: phwooahrrr.

No. Not really.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks Jim. I have been a Julie London fan ever since my dad got a copy of "London by Night" (c.1959)

I shall look something out.

I remember the Studers. I used to edit on them - from my Uher, which was built like an atom bomb. You had to watch the battery levels, or, on playback, your recordings speeded up. Not good if you had just come back from getting an exclusive with Cliff.

Jim Baxter said...

Ah, WW, somehow I knew that we would have that in common.

In another part of the forest, I too have a Uher - two of them in fact - a Royal and a 4000 Report 'portable'. Portable? Tell that to the MP3 generation eh?

Anonymous said...

There'll be a war without frontiers, a war without end. Because the west would be too PC to confront the source of terrorism head on and carry on tinkering round the edges. More British squaddies would die in Islamic areas for reasons none of us are aware of or understand much.
The airline industry would collapse as people just stop flying following scandals about images from body scanners sold to cable TV companies for a new reality show - 'you've been watched'. Some images would end up on the web on dodgy porno sites.
We'd all be poorer without knowing why.
People would have to become vigilantes to keep their children safe.
There'll be cameras everywhere, even in homes with young children as the EU backed by the hysterical tabloids and the communitarian Tory govt would think that's the way to keep children safe.
The demographics of Europe would change as Turkey joins the EU and many Christians emigrate to North America.
Many of us would learn Mandarin as it becomes the dominant language of business.
African dictators would still get handouts from hard-pressed European taxpayers while all of their professional people migrate to North America.
By 2019 it would be impossible to maintain this blog or any other unless you're affiliated to an EU approved political party or think tank.
All of the above would be reality unless in 2010 we wrest our freedom back by supporting none of the LibLabCon charlatans at the general election.

12:50 PM

banned said...

PC will not disappear, it is the priciple weapon of Common Purpose and their allies and they are too entrenched for anybody other than another Mrs. Thatcher to start wheedling them out, certainly not Dave.
UKIP will wipe out the Tories at the next Euro election because of the anger of the Tories core vote at Daves tepid approach to domestic policy.

Climategate will be seen as the turning point from which the warmongers will never recover but it will take a full decade for the carbon offset trading/indugencies nonsense to be brought to a halt and only because China becomes Top Country at Americas expense.

I used to have the Miles Davis version on LP.

Happy New Year to you.

Happy New Year to you.