Make the punishment fit the perp

Congratulations once again to those wonderful Swissies, who have fined a flash bastard for driving his Ferrari Testarossa through a village at 63 mph. He's been fined CH 299,000, which at today's miserable exchange rates equates to £181,442.46. Under Swiss law, the perp gets fined according to his means. Since this chap is worth about £14 million, the fine will sting a bit, but not really make him much poorer. It'll make him think twice though, won't it?

It may seem a bit odd, this, but it is part of a mindset in the country which punishes obnoxious dick heads who want to take the piss and which believes in preserving a tranquil and very Swiss culture. You don't find dried sick outside the bars, you don't get dog poo and you don't get ghettos full of people who want to absorb the country into a Caliphate. Also, the authorities treat its citizens with respect - there being a far greater degree of local control. Why can't we follow their example?


Ayrdale said...

It's certainly worth looking at the Swiss political system. I understand they have an inordinate number (over 400)of MP's representing their canton's who are honourary and paid expenses only, and a small number (12 I think) ministers who run the show who are paid very well. And of course there is access to direct democracy (referendums) on demand after petition, to decide contentious issues.

Seems to work well.

King Athelstan said...

No bloody EU either!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Ayrdale, I stayed with a guy who not only was the local bank manager, but he had farming family in the village for generations and was involved in local politics. I got the impression that decisions about things are very localised and very democratic. Of course, I may be wrong, but the result seems to be that people pretty much run their lives without too much state interference. That is, unless you are inclined to be antisocial.

One would think all this was a bit antiseptic, but it is more just sort of well ordered and discreetly easy going - a bit like a very good restaurant - you don't notice the service, it just comes when you think you need it.

Athelstan, I don't think the Swiss are going to be impressed with the Euro either, when it bombs this year. We do seem to get most of the disadvantages but none of the benefits of EU membership, not that there are any real benefits.

Anonymous said...

Because it is called "democracy," something that has been socially de-engineered here.

Ayrdale said...

We have access to non-binding referendums on demand via a Citizens Initiated Referendum (CIR) law. I was involved a lot with this a few years back.

Unfortunately, none of our referendums have achieved their desired result, they are non-binding so get ignored. I like to think however, that the effect of ignoring the effect of a clear referendum result is political suicide. Always has been so far anyway...eventually.