Old Friends

I have been teasing an old aquaintance who I have not seen for 30 years. He has a blog and I tracked him down. He has no idea who WW is, though I never really got to know him that well, even though we worked together on several occasions. He was always modest, quiet and thoughtful and always a gentleman. But he's done very well since then.


Greetings, Brian.


jimmy said...

That's a nice blog that your friend has. He even responds to all of the comments that people leave. Maybe you could try doing that sometimes WW ;)
I find your blog interesting but you seldom reply to comments so I no longer spend as much time reading your articles and forming a suitable response. Just a quick skim through and away.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Fair comment Jimmy. I must confess I have thought about responding more often to comments. Perhaps sometimes I feel they are free-standing and do not need a reply. However, it is very kind of people to bother, and so you are probably right. Come back again and see!

Norton Folgate said...

I thought i recognised the name, i have the CD boxset of The Lord of the Rings he did with the BBC.

Great version it is too.

jimmy said...

Thanks WW. I think more interaction would improve your blog and help it to blossom. Subrosa, mungins and DL etc all respond and it gets a lively discussion going. Of course I should get my own blog and stop moaning about being ignored !