Nick Robinson and the Arrogance of the BBC

Nick Robinson -

In the era of what we are told is the revolution in journalism -  blogging - this becomes what we call, "a story"

- The sneering contempt with which the BBC's Nick Robinson has dismissed the very substantial stories coming from some blogs is breathtaking in its arrogance. Robinson not only dismissed today's coup news out of hand, he characteristically dismissed the source. Even then, as the BBC Political Editor spoke, every MP was receiving the now notorious Hewitt/Hoon letter.

This is of course, the same Nick Robinson who spent days trying to ignore the Daniel Hannan video that ultimately went viral on YouTube.

It seems Nick has an aversion to big stories that do not emanate from him or his employers and his attitude to Guido for example goes between asperity and arch condescension.

I don't know why working for the BBC makes people so arrogant, but it does. I have no regrets that I never joined them.


beeboids explode said...

Robinson was shocking the other day at Camerons press conference. Nearly screaming at him. I don't remember him ever being so nasty to any Liebour politician. A truly horrible beeboid of the worst possible kind.
BBC News 24 were nearly in tears when they heard of the attempted coup of their dear leader. Fun to watch and a small bonus to compensate for the fact that Gorgon is still clinging onto power.

banned said...

How does that old phrase go " First we are mocked..."?
Mr Robinson is in the same position as a lifelong village blacksmith looking at the new fangled motor car driven by the squire and thinking, it'll never catch on.

Ayrdale said...

Trust you feature Guido's expose...