Ali Dizaei - So many cliches they are having a party

Bent Copper, Political Correctness Gone Mad, Union Bullying, Bad Muslims,The Race Card, Media Bias - this story has so many cliches, they could have a party. I refer, of course to the affair of Ali Dizaei, the first police officer of Commander rank to be jailed in over 30 years, for fitting up someone he had an argument with, and possibly a whole raft of other misdemeanours that come under the auspices of "he had it coming".

It has taken me a day or two to respond to this because this story is so invites a knee jerk reaction that I had to restrain my knees. If this was a work of fiction, it would be thrown out because it was far too predictable. Also the BBC would never have commissioned it on the grounds that it did not fit in with their policy of only portraying nice black people in drama.

Essentially what we have here is the inevitable consequence of an absurd meme: that is that poor folks from ethnic backgrounds should be treated differently cos they is black. Inevitable, because all minorities ultimately use this privilege to tyrannise the majority.

"A Suburban Voter" singles out the Black Police Association for particular disdain:

This ridiculous association served as a vehicle for these scum to undermine the police service and push a politically correct agenda, while undermining the important fight against crime.

She also calls for the BPA to be dissolved, while in mitigation she cites the other black senior copper, Mike Fuller, Chief Constable of Kent as an example of how it can be done honestly and for the good. All I know of Fuller is that he is well liked in the force, something that could not be said of Mr Dizaei, who has apparently spent the last decade trading on his ethnicity and making sure any criticisms were met with the Race Card - enough to frighten the nice understanding white folks.

His former colleagues lined up this week to condemn him:

The former president of the Black Police Association was “out of control” and had engaged in “a wholesale abuse of power for personal motives”, Andy Hayman, the former head of anti-corruption and later terrorism chief at Scotland Yard, said.(Telegraph)

I have had to analyse my anger about this. Why am I angry? Who am I angry at? The answer is, I am angry at the Police, specifically the white police, and also the Government who have a very powerful control on this issue. The remit would have gone down to go easy on black officers - perhaps not in writing, for that would render them accountable, but in nods and winks and drinks at the bar. Nobody at the Met would have been under any illusion what the effect on their careers would be if they went against the line.

Whatever the outcome of this, and I hope people now see sense, Ali Dizaei has become the unnaceptable face of multiculturalism. I hope and assume that, since he was born in Iran, upon the finishing of his sentence he will be returned to Iran.


Indy said...

The only flaw to your theory is that he's not black.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

He thinks he is Indy - He was the Chairman of the BPA. How black is black?

Indy said...

I don't care what he was the chairman of.

Black people are people of African descent.

Iran is not in Africa.

He is patently not black.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Actually Indy, I don't care what he thinks he is or what you think he is. He is a cunt, which in my book makes the colour of his skin less important than the fact that he used his minority status to act like a cunt.

Indy said...

If you are not interested in the colour of his skin why refer to him as being black?

Anybody looking at him can see he is not black.

Anonymous said...

you're so right Indy about this Dizaei scum not being black. But he saw the term 'black' as a political tool to beat guilty white liberals with. I hope this would be the end of PC madness in the police force.

Rebel Saint said...

Indy, you are correct, which of course show-up how farcical this whole thing has become.

I guess the Black Police Association didn't dare say "You can't join, you aint black" in case they were seen as racist! Which begs the question, I wonder how white you have to be before you are not allowed to join ... would having a black great,great grandfather be enough?