I love Sandra

For a start, I don't get too precious about musical genres. After all, I have more hours of music from Sibelius than I do from this artist, but Sandra, I feel, is crucial in the annals of Europop. So, don't be snobby, let go and let your disco dolly side emerge. The song I have chosen sums up Sandra as much as any, though there are tracks with much stronger hooks and are a cross between Abba and Enigma, which is not so strange considering she was married to Michael Cretu (who is Enigma) for over a decade and was the "voice of Enigma".

Sandra also happens to be the name I gave to one of my first chickens; I still remember her fondly, with her retrousse beak and her the cheeky way she ate from my hand. Sandra the chicken was all a man cold ever ask for in a chicken.

So then, Here is Sandra Ann Lauer, late Cretu, singing I need love, produced of course by MC. I think she is singing "I need, I need,.." at the beginning, but for all I can tell, it could be "Ollie"


T. P. Fuller said...

Thanks for this. Very Euro. I'd never heard of her, though I do have Enigma's "Le Roi est Mort".

As for "all a man could ask for in a chicken", I say live and let live and each to his own.


Jim Baxter said...

Wonderful. Nail yourself to a genre and you nail yourself to a floor. I too have a lot of Sibelius - some on 7.5 ips tapes suppiled my by new and good friend Harry Ionescu. I also have Astrud Gilberto on 15 ips. Linda Rondstadt jeered - 'elevator music' - then stayed to pray.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The Sheep scene was fun. Chickens will do anything for cheese, TP.

Jim, I have had Getz/Gilberto as a permanent part of my collection for 25 years!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

TP, the music thing is going to be a regular feature, and my aim is to surprise folks with stuff that is good but not that well known. Also I want to use it as a platform for a bit more autobiography, since I tend to remember bits of my life by the music I was listening to at the time.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

By the way, the track can be downloaded, by clicking on the divshare logo, but I guess you knew that.

I just noticed that the little dancing people with the bertie basset heads are enjoying the track too. It kills me that gif.