Nigel Farage is a Hero of the United Kingdom

If only, if only the nasty tit-scratching, arse grabbing grubby troughers who infest Parliament could come anywhere near the stature of Nigel Farage. This is what he told Mr Rumpy Pumpy, and you know, he gets my Hannan Award for tearing a Five Star Plonquer a New Arsehole:
"I don't want to be rude," he began.
"But you know, really, you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk."
To loud protests, Mr Farage continued: "The question that I want to ask and that we are all going to ask is: who are you? I had never heard of you; nobody in Europe had ever heard of you. I would like to ask you, Mr President: who voted for you? And what mechanism - I know democracy is not popular with you lot - what mechanism do the peoples of Europe have to remove you? Is this European democracy?"
"Sir, you have no legitimacy in this job at all, and I can say with confidence that I can speak on behalf of the majority of the British people in saying: we do not know you, we do not want you, and the sooner you are put out to grass, the better."

Let's make plans for Nigel. Put him in Parliament so that he can make sure some harm comes to his fellow Parliamentarians.
Here's XTC, the poplular beat combo having fun with "Making Plans for Nigel" And did you notice, children, the little dancing people are enjoying it too!


strapworld said...

And what do the BBC do? They remove Farage from the Question Time panel tonight!!!

This country is run by traitors.

Mind you, WW, you are supporting the Scots Nats. They are EU supporters. They have said nowt against this nondescript 'presidento' Perhaps you should ask them to speak up for Scotland. I am sure the majority up there would not be for the EU. Despite the historic link between the French and Scots

JPT said...

Mind you civility costs nothing (as Tony Hancock said).
I'm sure the arrogant smarmy self satisfied rudeness of Farage will cost UKIP many votes no matter if you agree with him or not - and he called Belgium a 'non country' what's that all about?
He sounded like a posh spiteful school bully to me.

strapworld said...

JPT. Ask the Belguims. Half want to be Dutch and the other half French. Then just read the history books and you will accept that the non country description is correct.

JPT said...

Strapworld: I know but he was just being rude for the sake of being rude (even if he did have a point!).

vote UKIP said...


Farage is on tonight. He was supposed to be on last week in Middlesborough but they were scared he would mention the £1Bn carbon credits that Tata are getting for closing the Teeside steel factory. Hopefully he will manage to mention it tonight.
Here he is giving Rumpy Pumpy both barrels...

Wrinkled Weasel said...

For the record, gentlemen, I am voting this time to get Labour out, and since there is a chance of actually unseating the Labour incumbant by voting Lib Dem, that is what I shall do.

You are right about the SNP being pro EU, but they are the best chance for Scotland. Not perfect, but they have made a big difference North of the Border. And in any case, if they get around to being independent, I fully expect them to hold a referendum on membership of the EU. They are no push over either. The Scottish Fishing industry has a few bones to pick with Europe.

Jalopy said...

Glad to see you post on this WW. Last night I awoke in drunken confusion at about 3am to hear Farage's outburst being played and discussed on the World Service. It was very confusing until I heard it all sober on the Today Programme. I know it's not very nice but I did think it was funny...

Jim Baxter said...

'We're only making plans for Nigel'

Why do I remember that? Even the tune. Must be because it's memorable.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Here it is Jim. XTC

Dave said...

Thanks for the transcript Ged. I've added it to the video on my blog. And posted the video on Facebook as well.

A politician who speaks his mind. Whatever next?

vote UKIP said...

More rumours of a March election. Pravda on standby for announcement shortly. Probably the gorgon terrified of the economic figures coming out in April and cutting and running.

Atlas Shrugged said...

JPT. Ask the Belguims. Half want to be Dutch and the other half French.

Rubbish, I can plainly see that you nothing about the Belgian people. The one thing and possibly the only thing that truly unites all Belgians is that they almost ALL positively despise the French and the Dutch.

Which is why basing the EU is Belgium would be just massively ironic, if it were not also taking the utter piss out of the Belgium people.

In fact the very existence of the EU takes the utter piss out of all the people of all European nations in as good as equal amounts.

For just one example out of many.

The Irish have fought for independence from The UK for hundreds of years, simply to watch their own national government swiftly give it away to people they dont know, are certainly not Irish, and will likely never understand.

The same could, and should more often be said for every European country bar none.

Wars needs big money, or they generally don't or can't last more then a few weeks.

World War sized cash is borrowed at interest from very large banking corporations. Therefore the same very large banking corporations financed both sides of all of the Wars in Europe for at least the last 350 years.

The EU is an irony to beat all ironies, or indeed a conspiracy to beat all conspiracies.

In that those self same banking corporations that so profitably financed all of that past perfectly horrendous murder and mayhem. Are the self same banking elite families that help set up the EU, and have bribed and corrupted their way into completely controlling it.

There was indeed method, and a degree of long term planning in their madness. As well as a wonderfully evil way of making mountains of relatively easy tax free cash, and above all GOLD for themselves.

There is one thing more powerful then money, and that is the infinite power that infinite amounts of it bestows.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Whenever famous Belgians are mentioned, nobody ever does M George Nagelmackers, the founder of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens.

Or, that Johnny Halliday, who Googles at about three and a half million entries and, if you don't know, is a sort of Gallic Cliff Richard, tried to become a Belgian national, but was turned down.

I cannot think of anything more sad than first, applying to become Belgian, and then being turned down.

subrosa said...

QT was attack Nige night and he held his corner well.

He was a bit OTT but will it lose votes? I doubt it.

I agree with you WW, I would like the SNP to step back and re-examine the EU. For some reason people here aren't particularly concerned about the EU. Is it apathy or 'we're in it and can't get out?'


Bastiat1 said...

So this is where all the lunatics post. Hey morons, your bus is leaving

Wrinkled Weasel said...

thank you for taking the trouble to leave a comment Bastiat1. However, although I operate a very liberal comment moderation policy, yours is barely acceptable, since, not only is it abusive and incoherent (who exactly, are you calling "morons"?), you clearly have nothing to add to the debate. You have been warned. Next time, pure abuse with no critical input will be trashed.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Rosa, there is a huge debate that is going to be had post-independence, about Europe. The key is that Scotland can totally re-write the terms of admission, learning by England's mistakes. As I said, there are lots of issues, but I would say that all of that is some years away. However, I am English, living in Scotland and for all that I am for independence and nationalism in principle, so the prospect of Scotland joining the EU does not thrill me to bits.

Roger Thornhill said...

Note how they got the kick into Farage as soon as possible so as to make it hang over the rest of the show.

Still, he spoke truth unto power, and we must remember that the truth cannot offend.

Rompuy held his remarks "in contempt" but, vanR that is not the response you are really entitled to. You have to, basically, suck it up if you want to be parachuted into a position unasked, unknown, irremovable and unwanted.