Brown should be sectioned

Let's face it, Brown is Radio Rental. Barking. Two coupons short of a free packet of Quavers.
The News today in the Guardian, following the Rawnsley allegations, confirms what we all knew.

Rawnsley writes: "The chancellor's fury was titanically demented even by his standards. 'You put fucking Milburn up to it,' Brown raged down the phone. 'This is factionalism! This is Trotskyism! It's fucking Trotskyism!' Blair was nonplussed. He had not even seen the article. After the call, he then read it and phoned Milburn to say it was excellent. They laughed about Brown's hysterical reaction."

Don't let Bliar off either. He's the shit who did this to us. So, as we know, this country is being run by somebody who should be in a strait jacket. And all because of the Lobby correspondents who, instead of working for a living, are content to be spoon fed stories and shut up when they are told to, and because of others, like Jack Straw, and Harperson, and Darling, who are clinging on for dear life.

I'd say it was nothing less than Treason.

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Jim Baxter said...

Don't disagree with any of that. Nothing to add.