Why Vote - A new book from Biteback

Iain Dale has published a useful book which sets out to explain the main reasons for voting for different political parties. Except he did not include the BNP or UKIP, though it appears UKIP "failed to deliver a publishable manuscript in time"

All very well, but he has included the Greens, who are not actually doing as well as the BNP and who by the way are a legitimate political party with an elected MEP
I would draw Iain's attention to this:

in which I show that in 2007:

The BNP fielded 119 candidates and lost 85 deposits.
Greens fielded 203 candidates and lost 179 deposits.
Percentage of votes in seats contested, Green 3.29, BNP 4.19

And that result comes in spite of the fact that the Greens get blanket coverage explicitly or implicitly on a daily basis in the MSM, they are stagnating as a political force.

Bias by omission? Go figure.

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Twig said...

Well I won't be buying it.
I'm fed up with this self perpetuating myth that you have to vote for one to keep out the other. That will just result in a continuation of the two party system which has lead to where we are today.

The Tories are probably the lesser of two evils, but...
see Peter Hitchens
scroll down past the Ali Dizaei article to:
"Loathe Gordon? Wait till this lot get into power"

I really hope that the expenses scandal gives voters the impetus they need kick the big three into touch this time.

If the Tories struggle to maintain a 7 point lead against this abomination of a government it may be evidence that the penny has finally dropped.