budget schmudget

More taxation. The death of a thousand cuts. A Kafkaesque engine that tortures you until you are dead or don't care anymore.

I noticed that Alistair Darling did not increase the tax on fags very much, for you cannot bite the hand that feeds you, but all those who enjoy a bit of Diamond White or Scrumpy Jack may decide to vote Conservative.

I know my punters rather well now. Most of us will be thinking that our standing still money is going to increase, and our incomes will shrink.

This was not a budget to change the world. This was a budget to steal yet more from the honest working classes.

Weasel will not be blogging so much in the next few weeks. Weasel Hall will be full of visitors for the foreseeable future, (weeks and weeks) and while those who are coming are my wonderful friends and family, it will be hard work.

Both cars need work doing on them. My local garage is very good, and they have a waiting list. The owner, specialises in abject misery. At least they seem honest, and in an emergency they always come good. There is no money for fun at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to give you a quote on the cars - giuve me a ring!