The eBay test

So, you think you are famous? You have a legacy? Something that will keep you in memorium eternal?

Then get your nearest and dearest to sell your stuff on eBay. Or, if you are posh, Bonhams or Sotheby's. 

If you are a big fan of Gordon Brown, there is good news. You can have your very own signed brochure of Number Ten Downing Street. What price the Prime Minister's autograph? Well at the time of writing, eBay has a copy available for £2.40, having risen to that stratospheric price after 2 bids.

Mrs Thatcher does not do much better; you can get her autograph for as little as £3.21, though a signed photo may set you back £35.

Getting this into some kind of perspective, a typewritten letter from Hitler recently went under the hammer for £8000.

The Beatles can be had for a little under £14,000

These all pale into insignificance when you find out about one William Travis. William Who?

William Travis was the commander of the battle of the Alamo. It was an IOU for six cows bought to feed the besieged troops of the Alamo. It sold for £176,000.

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