C4 Politicians for Hire

I am just about half-way through watching Channel Four's excellent Dispatches programme, which covertly discovers just what our politicians are prepared to do for money, in relation to lobbying.

Frankly, I cannot be bothered. Am I shocked? Of course I am not shocked, and neither are you, that those who are charged with the great offices of state are basically, venal, self-serving dolts who are now hiring themselves out by the day in an attempt to cash in on former glory.

The reason I shall not watch any more is not that the programme is no good - it is very good indeed - but that these people are so fucking dull. This terrifies me. MPs used to have a bit of colour about them. Many had talents, such as painting, or just spent a lot of time bagging Munros. Some enjoyed being crapped on by rent boys, but hey, at least it showed they had outside interests. The people shown in this documentary are revealed to be the sort of people you would walk away from at a party after about two minutes, in order to go and watch some grass growing.


Hoons a hoon said...

You should have watched the whole show WW. You missed an amazing miracle where Margaret Moran ( been off ill for a year with a mystery illness) suddenly transforms into a bubbling ,confident and happy go lucky showgirl eager to please her interviewer.
And of course you missed Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon doing a role playing exercise to show they could 'bond' and 'team build'. It involved lots of chocolate and bare flesh. Surprised it was shown before the watershed actually. Patricia has looked after her body if not her morals. I'll give her that.

subrosa said...

I couldn't agree more although I confess I did watch it to the end. Money is their god and nothing else matters.