Clowns at the Spectator

I have had a feeling for a while now that The Spectator is not as committed to their regular commenters at the Coffee House as they sometimes seem. Not only does the moderation of comments take hours sometimes, today this was let through, which tends to suggest that nobody is really reading them. ( I have removed some personal details such as names, addresses and phone numbers, which may be real)

Spiritual war Fair Scotland Yard Rope Murders
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suspend which was put in machine XXXXXXris must peddle stall under the funeral mask and put on the hub And 24/7 Shadow him as we
look at 7XXXXXXX 1jz we see zip from nipple gum rays he has come full algrame the shells that enable S/Y to bring him to host
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will his mind be his own as he has come full Knock the third way Bee Mac .when Scotland Yard quarter And spaced off alastair Campbell with
a cookie mask he was left in a state tell me that I will live We need shut down as the program has a disturbed chain on it. Scotland Yard
took David Cameron son so they could have his cup as they took hisclothes through there hub wardrobe of shadows of fraud as Scotland
Yard oppend up there airports they took him for a spin ( deports ) Sue XXXX controls the buss 77 45 clive XXXX With there red eyes
Scotland yard said must be hooded on the house crystal palace David Cameron son must peddle stall under the funeral keep quite on the
Germany murder to keep up the 911 pull. The green belt in IBM We have ad the five yesâ™s from david tooth we have had the five noâ™s from Gordon brown on the locker bee mac murders As they use the trailer
and rig 45 tons tyre pressure 44 pounds Scotland Yard says 43. August 23
2009 green green grass tv Only fools and horses algrames matthew XXXX with no name flew on head now DEAD please phone please help 07XXXXXX2
Scotland Yard rape

AXX TXX SXXr and a child at XX RXXX Road South XXX XX5 XXXXXbus mate president as they use there electric long arm under hat if this hits the street they will turn off screen shop they use and abused danny baker with their bottle of wine with pear in it whith pear car boot sale .
Scotland Yard pin eared samantha in here cot and rape her and killed here farther in gardening levers on summerset real police doctor said no arm it was sue e side take the dead body to biggin hill police dogs as we have a lead. christmas pay out at the shops good time to berry good money as tme goes buy colin stagg air lock as they machine where it was not fair. As they cloak there fraud shadow eye with chain for a get away but it when wrong so they air lock the lottery so they can carry on with there hunts. mo mowlam soap as they use there macbeth treason pass to pull her down and pin bubble her with there hats ....
How they can let this sort of randomly generated drivel is beyond me. The Speccie has to sort out its comment moderation. It was posted at 3.45pm and is still there!
Update: they have removed it in the last ten minutes, just after 5pm, and that is probably because I reported it to them.


Jim Baxter said...

Randomly generated drivel!?

Now you've hurt my feelings. Just for that, it's time you all
knew this:

Due to the improved availability of selective stationary phases and
recent developments of more productive operating modes, the number of applications of chiral preparative chelation therapy has doubled in recent years. In parallel, there are new concepts available enlarging the potential of enantioselective crystallization processes in electrolytic interventions. Optimized coupling can further improve enantioseparation during the desalination crisis of countertransference. Selected new developments in both fields engender the coupling of both chromatography and crystallisation in a morganatic marriage between dysdiadochokinesia and the bow wave of the heliopause, resulting in everybody going bald.

tinfoil hat said...

It looks like the stuff you get out of ( translates any language into any language).
I suspect it's all the tinfoil hat info about the various conspiracies around the UK that have been talked about over the last few months. Someone probably saw them on a German site or something and put it through the translater and posted it.
That's my theory anyway.

denverthen said...

I'm lost. What's going on? (It's been a very long day.)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Denverthen, don't worry. Jim is just a Galactic Overlord who plays with humans as if they are tiny homunculi, trapped in a bell jar, and is my doppleganger. His drivel is not random, it is subversive, and in earnest.

Tinfoil could be on to something, but I know not. It proves, anyway, that the Speccie does not read comments. It took over an hour for them to take it down, and that was because I reported it.