WW's Weekend Window on the World

I wonder if the proposed series of strikes is going to impact on the election. I have been reading some of the strange theories about these strikes, along the lines that this is all a big Labour plot, manufactured to make Gordon look good as he saves the day at the last moment.

Considering the fact that these Unions are planning to take over the Labour Party, just as Militant attempted to do in the 70's there cannot be any credence in this. They are not out to make Gordon look good, they are out to take over the reigns of power from a weak and corrupt administration, by replacing it with a strong and corrupt administration. A power divided against itself cannot stand. Somebody called "Lucius Malfoy" submitted this to The Times, in a comment section:

"Now is the spring of our discontent
Made gridlock summer by this son of the manse;
And all the clouds that low'r'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the recession made worse."

I am serious about the issue of this Government's criminality. I believe their actions are nothing short of Treason. You have to take some time to consider how this can have come about, but it is no different to the way it always happens. Enough people find it in their interests to stay quiet, support the status quo, or actively collaborate. Expanding the public sector from One to Five Million workers in the lifetime of this Government is one factor, the BBC is another, and the culture of bullying and spin is another. It's the Nazis without death camps, but it is fascist methodology by any other name.

What do we have to look forward to? Well, the Eurovision song contest for a start. Last year I hardly watched it at all, after being a lifelong fan, stretching back almost to Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson. The highlight of my Eurovision punditry was correctly predicting Lordi as the winners in 2006. I am not sure even Eurovision can be saved. It has gone from a noble effort to forge links with our European friends, to dreck, to parody, and then, beyond parody to an abuse of aural rights and a sentimental musical re-enactment of the Cold War.

Moment of the week? I want to know yours, but my moment of the week was seeing David Cameron holding his own in a meeting of young at Lewisham College. I reproduce it here in case you did not see it. Cameron may not be my cup of tea, but just see how he deals with real people and hecklers. As somebody who can take a bit of negative, he is in a different league to Brown.

As the temperature heads for double figures over the weekend - a sweltering 10 degrees centigrade, I might get to do a bit of maintenance out of doors although we have had quite strong Westerly winds for the last two or three days. Today I prepared two meals in order to give myself time to do other things; a beef casserole and some lasagne mixture. They are presently cooking in the fridge. I found some more interesting music, which I will share here:

It's Nothing But the Truth, by Procol Harum. Despite critical acclaim, this track never raised its head above the parapet. Procol did some remarkable work after A Whiter Shade of Pale, including A Salty Dog, for me their best album, and one that gets played a lot in the Weasel household.

Just to remind some of you how I started, here are some sketches from a while ago, captured from many, many nights at my local pub during a folk night.

and another


denverthen said...

Now I know what's going on. That's a superior summary of this week's stuff, WW. Nice one.

Ted Foan said...

Brilliant sketches. You are a very talented man.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you D, but you did not tell me your moment of the week!

Ted, nice to hear from you. And thank you.

denverthen said...

Ah, well, my moment of the week is a slightly private thing. (She's really lovely and I really like her :)

violet said...

wow- sketches much better than mine- well done.

remind me slightly of ronald searle's burma, and henry moore's underground wartime sketches, esp the guy on the gituar. figures looming from darkness.
can tell you have been to art coll, as you Use Your Rubber As A Tool, as my a'lev art teach always yelled at us.

and always good to from lucious malfoy- is def my fave death eater/ex death eater. had not known of that.

Anonymous said...

Love the coloured one, very Edward Ardizzone ish.