I'll make it easy for wavering voters

A message to Labour voters.

Ok, so you can't make your mind up who to vote for?  You have always voted Labour. Your dad voted Labour, so you will. Your Dad voted Conservative, and you hate your dad, so you will vote Labour, just to piss him off. You are on benefits, so why should you vote anything other than Labour, who will coddle you from cradle to grave?

Well, just consider, for a moment, how it is possible for you to be protected from this cruel world, where some people have to work for a living. People who work, pay taxes, and in doing so, make it possible for you not to. Now, (are you still with me?). If not enough people work, there will be no money, and no money means you will still get benefits, but your fags and booze and Sky and betting tax will go up, never mind the cost of a few "chicken" nuggets for the kids. So it is important that at least some people work. Got it?

Now, this maybe a shock, but most of the people who pay your benefits are very ordinary and do not sit in the Groucho club (a club for Charlies), drinking Cristal (a type of expensive wine). Most of working people drive clapped out cars and earn just enough to eat, such as the staff at British Airways, who are currently being encouraged to destroy their livelihoods by a Union whose self-interest is to say the least, of sinister proportions. You may be surprised to hear that Unite, the union at the centre of the dispute, bankrolls Daddy Warbucks, aka the Labour Party, and so you were not, until recently going to get any criticism of this proposed strike from the Labour Government. Until now. Gordon Brown, who is such a weak leader that he has lost control of his government, has had to respond, at last to criticism of the strike by Lord Adonis, his Transport Minister who described the action as "deplorable".

Well, then, it sounds as if this Unite lot are helping the workers, and that Gordon Brown is being disingenuous. (I know you did not say "disingenuous", you would say, taking the piss) Of course, what Gordon Brown actually does say is anybody's guess.

Unite is not helping the workers. Unite is encouraging BA staff to believe they are entitled to far more than anybody else gets in the the flying industry. The profit-making firms such as Easy Jet and Ryanair make a... profit, unlike BA that does not, and contrary to what you may have heard, staff on these carriers are very happy and secure, thank you, because they have a realistic notion of their market value.

So what does this have to do with voting Labour? Well, it may sound funny, but Labour governments attract industrial strife. Under Labour, in the 1970's, there were more strikes than the previous 30 years. Why? because they could not control a group of people on whom they depended for their existence. Then, the Unions could run Labour by having the majority of votes in the Party. When that was abolished, they found other ways. Today, it is money. The Unions make it possible for Labour to exist as a political party. Even you, dear Labour voter, can see that this does not make for good governance. It means, in effect, that when you vote Labour, you are not voting for that nice Mr Darling, or poor Gordon, who only has one eye, you are voting for a toff called Charlie Whelan. "Who the fuck is Charlie Whelan?", I hear you cry, "I never heard of Charlie Whelan". You will, dear boy, you will. When British Airways finally collapses, and all those people are unemployed and unable to buy your Lambert and Butler's and your Sky boxes for you, you might start to wonder how little old you got caught up in all of this.


a related article said...

There was good article in The Daily Express today...


BRITAIN'S biggest trade union today ordered Gordon Brown to describe it as 'deplorable'
Mr Woodley is paying £11m for the Labour Party over three years
As Unite stepped up its plans for a British Airways strike that will ground dozens of flights and potentially cripple the company, the union told the prime minister to be absolutely appalled by its actions.

Downing Street sources confirmed Mr Brown had telephoned Unite general secretary Tony Woodley on Sunday to ask for instructions and money and that Mr Woodley had set out his plans for the prime minister to look very angry and use the word 'unjustified'.

A senior source said: "Mr Woodley ordered the prime minister to come across as being really genuine and say that a strike was not in the national interest and call on both sides to return to the negotiating table.

"When he had been given permission to speak, the prime minster said that if they worked it just right they could make it look as if he had stood up to the unions, averted the strike and saved everyone's Easter holidays.

"Mr Woodley then said that if Mr Brown wanted to pretend that it was his idea then fair enough, but that they both know who the bitch is in this relationship."

Industrial relations consultant Nathan Muir said: "The union sees it as a win-win. If the strike goes ahead then Unite gets to fulfill its lifelong ambition of destroying Margaret Thatcher's favourite airline.

"If the strike is called off then Brown gets the credit, it improves Labour's election chances and they all continue with their plan to turn Britain into a slightly bleaker and less charming version of North Korea."

Meanwhile Mr Brown has insisted that if Labour loses the general election he intends to build a replica of Number 10 in the back garden of his constituency home and indulge in a series of poisonous, damaging feuds with a selection of local cats.

Amusing Bunni said...

Anyone who votes for Labour should have his head examined.