A kiss is just a kiss

It is an absolute rule with me that, wherever you go in the world, you should observe the local mores and customs and the laws. And so it is with not much sympathy that I relay the news that, yet another randy Brit is facing jail in an Arab State..for kissing in a restaurant.

26 year-old Charlotte Adams says it was "just a peck on the cheek". (Somehow I doubt that. I could not resist, at the very least, an exchange of bodily fluids, could you?) Adams was arrested, with the kissee, after a 38 year-old local woman reported her. It is important you see a picture of Charlotte, for she is a babe. Had she been like the wizened old prune who ratted on her, who is probably so ugly she has to have a bag over her head, there may have been less fuss.

Muslim women who refuse to do their jobs in the UK, such as refusing to serve Alcohol, or dispense medicines, or those who refuse to go through body scanners at airports, should either, a. remember we are not under Sharia Law in Britain, and b. if they don't like it, they can fuck off. The rule is, you do what the locals do. And it works both ways. This is a country of tolerance and liberality. You cannot opt out and then exact your particular brand of nauseating fanaticism on those who extend that hospitality and understanding towards you.

Oh, and here is a reminder of what you can look forward to in Great Britain if you vote for a party that pursues a policy of appeasement and "cultural sensitivity";


Norton Folgate said...

When will people learn to avoid these medieval stinkholes?

Sheik yer Boaby said...

To be fair Dubai doesn't exactly go out of it's way to explain it's medieval mindset. Just google Dubai holidays and you will see lovely babes running semi naked along empty beaches ( I only checked for research purposes and to confirm what I'd seen on tv adverts etc). It wouldn't get any visitors if people realised the reality of the place. A third world religious autocracy that treats guest workers like slaves and defaults on it's debts.

Old Bill said...

Dont knock Sharia Law so quickly my friend, of course much is wrong in it, but I've done some travelling in the middle east and what I have seen isnt all bad. The barbaric punishments are rarely inflicted (do a google search for the last time a thief's hand was actually cut off) but the THREAT works wonders: theres very little thievery. I give you an illustration: locally, a visiting and pissed up football fan burnt down a mans pigeon loft, killing his 40 homing pigeons and completely destroying his property and main interest in life. The offender was caught. The punishment? six months suspended and dont be a bad boy again. He should have been publicly flogged, as per Sharia Law.Because he's a cunt. Punishment for him and a warning to others. Really, most people (except criminals) have no idea how little justice there is in this country for the victim. My background? ex military and civilian police. So I know that of which I speak.I have sent someone to court for 80 (yes, eighty) house burglaries. Result? six months sentence, half off for good behaviour plus all time in custody reduced off sentence: served two and a half months and out to do crime again. You have no idea, really no idea what a nonsense the law is these days. I'm more in favour if Sharia Law every day. Excellent blog by the way.