Let's get liminal

Liminal. It's a liminal week, in which things will change; not necessarily visibly, but in the swirling miasma of undercurrent and perception.

At the BBC, there appears to have been a last gasp of partisan bias, to Labour of course, with their silly radio programmes designed to humiliate Tories, and there equally silly Question Time shows with all women audiences and their piss-poor handling of what should have been a stage managed outing of the Fuhrer among the civilians. If I was DC, who has had a good week, I would be on to the BBC saying, "If you carry on like this, we shall cut your fucking balls off". Of course, he is too nice to say "balls". At least not in public. The fact remains, the BBC are in retreat. All those poofy, coke-smeared pre-pubic producers who specialise in being economical with the truth, now know the gravy train is coming off the rails. It's liminal.

David Cameron has had a good week, no doubt about that. He managed to get the better of a load of yobs, including a Labour plant who read out his heckle.

Gordon Brown has had a bad start to the week. Now that the facts have come out about how much he is in thrall to Unite, and Charlie Whelan in particular, and now that it is apparent that Whelan and Balls are staging a bid to take control of Labour, I say Rejoice! Rejoice, because its the Trots all over again; big bad Labour, redolent of Red Robbo, Arthur Scargill and Michael Foot. For Labour, its back to the past, to the days of strikes, yobs and slobs. Only a total idiot, or somebody under 30 would seriously consider returning to the days when Labour brought the country to a standstill.

Danny Finkelstein made me smile. He mentioned Terry Duffy, who was a powerful Union Leader back in the days when Mrs Thatcher buttonholed yours truly for a chat and some advice. Mickey Mouse, Danny recalled, had a Terry Duffy watch. Exactly. I interviewed Duffy at his home during the worst of it. Actually he was quite nice, but of course, totally deluded.

We are still reeling from the breadth of mendacity exemplified by the expenses scandal. We have yet to hear the full story of Steven Purcell and the way that Labour in Glasgow had "cronyism" tattooed on its rent boy arse.

What is happening now is the natural shifting of the tectonic plates. DC has not peaked too soon, petrol will reach £1.20 a litre and Gordon will look increasingly weak. If none of this this does not change the minds of those who still, inexplicably vote Labour, nothing will.

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avoid pravda said...

I try to avoid the BBC. It just gets me angry with it's agenda of pro Labour, global warming, EU loving etc ...