Peers Expenses - You have been f*cked

Baroness Uddin and Lord Paul (the lowest common denominators of public morality in Government) have been able to defraud the taxpayer of hundreds of thousands of pounds, by claiming empty properties as their "main home", and now the rest of the House of Lords have not only secretly changed the rules so that they cannot be prosecuted, they have blocked the release of a memo that reveals their reasons for doing so. This is happening in this country, now, today. This is your money. They should be jailed, relieved of their assets and upon their release should be deported to their country of origin. Instead, they enjoy and will continue to enjoy all the privileges of their inflated positions, for life, and prop up the most corrupt Government in British History.

This is what The Times had to report:

THE HOUSE of Lords has used parliamentary privilege to hide the details of a ruling that caused the collapse of criminal inquiries into the expenses claims of two Labour peers.
Officials blocked the release of a secret memo outlining the reasons for the changes in expenses rules that made it impossible to prosecute Baroness Uddin and Lord Paul.
The memo, written by Michael Pownall, clerk of the parliaments, proposed a peer’s main home could be somewhere they visited as little as once a month. His proposal was passed in January by the leaders of the Lords on the house committee.
However, when The Sunday Times used freedom of information rules to discover the reasons for the new definition, Pownall signed a privacy certificate blocking disclosure of his memo. On Friday Keir Starmer, the director of public prosecutions, said Pownall’s new definition was the reason for the collapse of the Uddin case.

I could not have imagined, even 20 years ago, that the great offices of state would be reduced to those of a banana republic.


Spartan said...

WW ... we see this virtally day in day out and cannot comprehend how it carries on. We hope that something will change but now l doubt it. lt runs throughout the EU like an epidemic.

What we have is the 21st Century equivalent of the Decline of the Roman Empire.

Dark dark clouds on the horizon, l fear.

Richard said...

This is an utter, fucking disgrace. Why aren't there riots in the streets over this? (Answer: the British people don't do riots. More's the pity.)

I suppose they are getting us used to closer EU integration, where this kind of thing is the rule rather than the exception.

vote UKIP said...

It pales into insignificance compared to the corruption and waste in the EU. Ms Ashton, the Foreign Minister, on £320K a year and has never been elected for anything ever. A gravy train for the has beens and never will be's.

Mrs Rigby said...

"Why aren't there riots in the streets over this?"

Because most people are in denial, can't believe it's really happening, and here in Britain too.

Anyway, you can't riot these days unless you get prior approval from the Police.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

A bit depressing then.