Eurovision - did anyone watch it?

Germany has won the Eurovision Song Contest, with a song that I would not give house-room to. I listened to it and had to chuck it after a minute. It sounds like all the adolescent drivel that gets piped into supermarkets these days.

As for poor Josh, the UK entry, he came last, as all gentlemen should do. And as all gentleman should do, he and Peter Waterman should repair to a private room with an old service revolver.

I did not watch the show, but apparently the highlight was someone doing a Jarvis Cocker and leaping on stage to freak out the Spanish entrant. None of my choices did anything; my tip for the top (see below) came 22 out of 25, with my other two hopefuls failing to make it to the finals at all, so that's me then, not knowing much at all.


Richard said...

"As for poor Josh, the UK entry, he came last, as all gentlemen should do."

I wonder if he kept his weight on his elbows, too.

Spartan said...

No, l didn't watch it as it's all a joke. We have the USA and UK who lead the world with it's musical talent yet we put drivel out year after year when it comes to this Eurocrapision. Pete was past it long ago ... in fact in my opinion he never had it. Heard a little of our entry on some show or other a while ago but quickly changed channels. Who the f##k wants to listen to something that sounds like a poor karaoke night participant???

Why we put ourselves up to be ridiculed is totally beyond me.

denverthen said...

If the UK, the now-traditional artistic gateway to the USofA, doesn't even care about this thing any more, does that not mean the Eurovision song contest is more or less a dead event?

I think it does. Possibly.

And is that symbolic of the Euro?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I agree the show is probably dead. Once, it was a serious attempt to create cultural ties with Europe. Then we won the competition because we had good songs. But those responsible for the songs seemed to give up and then it became a festival of kitsch, and now it is a confederation of the mediocre and moribund. Nobody is even trying anymore.

Jim Baxter said...

I had a wee look in on Fitzcarraldo instead, which was on BBC4 I think.

Now, the film was recorded in English. Not seen it for a while (just to let you know I'm dead cultured - not for a while y'see?).

What did the BBC do? Showed the German dub with English subtitles! - you know - so that you can see clearly that they aren't speaking German giving you that arthouse movie feel.

That's culture for you eh?


Lord Jack said...

I watched a bit during the adverts for ' Britains Got Talent'. The UK song was dire but not any worse than the rest which were also dire. It's all political and the winner is usually the host for next years show.
Didn't Andrew Lloyd Webber do better last year with his song ?
It was good in the 60's though. Congratulations, Puppet on a string, Dana etc...
Oh and 'Britains Got Talent' was very strange aswell. Cruel punishment meted out as entertainment. Brilliant !