Some of us remember Fondue sets being a kind of ironic, post modern joke, that went along with Rum Babas, Black Forest Gateau and Prawn Cocktails. (All of which I like, incidentally). Not anymore. They are coming back. Weasel, the Count of Cool, says so.

I am about to take delivery of a Le Creuset one, a retro 70's model, used only once. The reason is simple, I have recently become very excited about making Cheese Fondue. It's easy: you make a thick white sauce, add a teaspoon of Marigold stock powder, add some Emmental, some Gruyere, maybe something else like a little cheddar, then, very carefully some white wine, and Bob is your uncle. I find that making the white sauce, even a little, helps the whole thing to come together. There is no official way to make fondue, you just get your own method. And it is fun and wonderfully tasty and life affirming. And don't let them tell you there is a trad Swiss method. In my experience, they all do it a little bit differently. Of course, you do not have to just do cheese. One of my best Fondue experiences was after a wonderful Alpine walk. We dropped down into a place called Le Sepey and had a beef one.

Here is a cheesy (geddit?) American video.


Richard said...

I like fondue! I used to be the house expert on making it when we were students in the 70s, and there's nothing like a good cheesy one. We had a lava lamp too.

I confess to liking BFG and prawn cocktails too. Shame on me.

Jim Baxter said...

Ah. The Howgate, on one of the roads south out of Fairmilehead, (forget which now, forget so much, just like Commander Powell) used to provide a fine fondue in the days when nobody had heard of it.

Not to be confused with the Flotterstone Inn.

There was a Swiss joint at the West End of Rose St once too. Maybe still is. Seldom leave Fotress Glasgow now.

When in Switzerland though, do as the Austrians do: eat schnitzel.

Fondue Recipes said...

Well one thing's for sure, you'll never go wrong with something cheesy! Whenever I have an unexpected guests or a sudden celebration with not much time to prepare, I always makes fondue dinner. It's so easy to set up, very classy, and very delicious of course! We always have tons of fun bonding together as we all huddle up in a steaming pot. (Whether it's broth, oil, cheese, or chocolate fondue!)

Gallimaufry said...

Mmmm... raclette with jacket potato and pickled onions.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I like raclette too, but it is sometimes difficult to get, especially the pre-sliced kind.