Music in a Doll's House

I did a quickie review of this in 2006, but now things have moved on and I can post an audio sample. Family are one of those bands that did not reckon with the age of the World Wide Web; they are impossible to Google unless you have some more information on them, such as the name of the lead singer, Gurgling Roger Chapman, or one of their album names. I knew about Family because they had a couple of chart hits, "In my own time" and "The Weaver's Answer". Incredibly, Music in a Doll's House was released in the middle of 1968. Listening to it today is a revelation; the production and sound is astonishing. The songs are clever, musical, inspired and possibly insane as well.

I first heard this played in an independent record shop, very loud. The opening track thumped out with a galloping rhythm and by the end my brain was dribbling out of my nose.

The Album cover, or at least the back of it affected me - an eery photo of a Victorian Doll on a toy bicycle.

Anyway, here is that opening track. Turn the volume up, sit down, take an anti excitement pill and prepare to pop your poppers.


Richard said...

I would refer the Honourable Gentleman to the answer I made earlier.

Excellent band. I tend to prefer their later stuff, but 'Doll's House' is still a great album.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I took a look at your link. I must investigate - I did not know about "Fearless"

Jim Baxter said...

Interesting use of the pitch control.

Richard said...

I first heard "Weaver's Answer", which I thought was one of the best singles ever, and then bought Fearless and Anyway, which I have listened to ever since - 30+ years. It is only in the last decade that I have bought Doll's House and Entertainment and properly caught up with them (as opposed to listening to other people's copies at drunken parties). Family sure had their rough edges, but they were one of the most interesting bands of the era and a lot of their stuff stands listening to today. I must get some of their later ones like Bandstand and have a listen. Chapman is still working, mainly in Germany as I understand it.

Spartan said...

Hasn't Chappo announced that this year he is retiring and giving one last live performance?

Got a few albums (early) of Chappo that l still enjoy. His singing is so distinctive that you could spot it anywhere.

Dave said...

I thought that "Burlesque" was a gem. I saw Family a few times. They were always on the bill whenever I went to see someone I liked.
I think they were from Leicester and the sax player Jim King was from Kettering