Has the tide turned in favour of common sense?

The Queen's speech is full of good intentions so I shall leave others to pick over that carcass. The only thing, conspicuous by its absence, is the repeal of the unworkable and Stalinist Hunting Act. Clearly the Dim Libs scored on that one.

What I have picked out today is a story about a transsexual whose legal bid to get breast enhancement on the NHS has been denied.


Of course, the main thrust of the claim was that refusal to pay for bigger boobs violated her human rights. Bollocks! If she is that desperate, she should pay for them herself. Of course, this individual, who cannot be named (and why not?) has made this claim, with legal aid, for no cost whatsoever. The Primary Care Trust, which will be made up of doctors who specialise in this sort of thing, said,

The Committee ruled there was no compelling health reason for the procedure which, it said, was "purely for cosmetic reasons". 

So in other words, this deluded individual, brought up no doubt, to believe the state was going to fund her throughout her life, has been at best deluded, and at worst taking the piss.

The ruling does make me wonder, though, about the wider picture. Is Britain about to become a country where common sense prevails, instead of this hideous tyranny of political correctness and personal greed?


Idle Pen Pusher said...

Teenagers often get treatment for acne for entirely cosmetic reasons under the cover of psychological problems. Are they any different?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

There is no answer to that, IPP. The answer to my question is in the post, which is that a group of professionals considered this case as an individual case. It did not make a pronouncement about treatment of transsexuals in general. All treatment is a matter for Health Professionals, and as such, it should be their decision that matters.

Idle Pen Pusher said...

Fair point, though I think these cases usually rest on arbitrating over whether an procedure is for 'cosmetic' purposes or pychological ones. If you invent enough blather and learn the symptoms of psychological distress, you can often get 'cosmetic' procedures. I find the distinctions immaterial, personally. I'd cut the lot.

Spartan said...

Kick him hard in bollocks so they travel upwards ... then he'll have what he wants! :)