Sail Away

"There is nothing- absolutely nothing-
half so much worth doing
as simply messing about in boats."

I have had three boats. The first was a modest little cruiser , a Birchwood Continental, on the Medway. The second was a sloop in the Bristol Channel, and the third was a narrowboat on the Kennet and Avon.

I have to say, (and I think I speak for 1stLieutenant Weasel, and the Midshipmen Weasels) that these were the best days of our lives. If you have been watching Timothy and Shane Spall, going around our country in their rather wonderful DB, you will appreciate what it is all about. We actually exchange pleasantries with them in the days when they too had a narrowboat. (Rather inevitable on the cut)

So now I am thinking, "Time for another boat". The last one took us down about £50,000. Boats are worse than burning money. They are worse than being Gordon Brown for fiscal armageddon. But hey ho! I have never felt so alive, so at one with the universe and the Dalai Lama when at the helm of a boat.

And I think I have found the perfect mooring "somewhere" up river of the Forth Bridge. TBC 


Jim Baxter said...

You'll be as happy as a monkey in a monkey tree.

Richard said...

Heh. Just sold my boat last year, a little 23' Na'tant diesel cruiser. You're right, boats are total money pits. Just keeping it on a mooring was costing me over a grand a year. But moments on the boat were pure happiness. I wish you well with your new one.