Hung Parliament eh? Who would have thought it? Well, me, actually, last year. I said this because I felt there was no coherent narrative for change.

All we do know at this very moment is that Britain will go nowhere anytime soon. I am however impressed that Clegg and Cameron seem to be genuinely interested in saving this country from financial ruin. As for Clegg, he is not to be trusted. Watch this space.

As for me, real life has taken over of late. Lots of VFR's and very average meals in pretentious restaurants, where one, was unable to understand what a dry martini cocktail was, but managed to charge over £120 for three diners.

Lowlight of the last week: having to pee in a loo that stank as if it was a vat of vintage urine. Highlight of the week, meeting wonderful people and bumping into someone dear whom I have not seen in over 30 years, in a railway station.

Moment of the Election? Nigel Farage, crashing spectacularly, and I don't mean not winning a seat. He survived a crash in a plane that looked a bit dodgy to me and walked away. Afterwards he said he was cool about it and I believe him. Nige is the kind of person we need in Parliament. A pity it did not work out.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to your blog!! Gordon has just muddied the waters. I think the Lib Dems are just about to go with Labour.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Absolutely. I said don't trust Clegg, before the Brown resignation broke! And thanks for the encouragement.

Jim Baxter said...

The new politics eh?

I suppose there must be some people out there who believed that. Happily, nothing like as many as was feared, for a while.

And Scotland swings slightly to Labour.


Send for Boris. Yeltsin, I mean. I don't care if he's dead. He's got to be a better option.