The possibility of a LibDem/Labour government is, as one former Labour Minister put it, "Mutually Assured Destruction". I prefer the "Coalition of Losers", for that is what they are.

What I will say again is that the parties got what they deserved, a mess, due to a lack of a coherent narrative, or even a sufficiently different narrative. The public too, for there are still a lot of people who believe in Labour. All those people are, in my opinion, stupid and blind.

Earlier in the day (see below) I warned against trusting Clegg. Lo and behold, he sells the nation down the river, a few hours later, the price being the departure of Gordon Brown. This unholy alliance will be a disaster. They will struggle along, they may even try to place the second unelected PM in a row into Number Ten. They will inevitably implode, because as we have learned today, they are not putting the country first, only their own miserable slimy skins.

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