Brown Toast

And so, the sorriest period in political history is over, with the imminent demise of Gordon Brown, a man whose only mandate was from a handful of people in Fife, and we watch in awe as a new era begins, at the hands of a man, Cameron, who was not strong enough to take the country on his own, and another, whose mendacity apparently knows no bounds.

Talk is that the Treasury will benefit from two old bruisers; Ken Clarke and Vince Cable. It seems that Osbourne has been kicked into the sidelines.

Brown brought the highest office into disrepute. Brown has been a disaster for this country and there must never again be a mechanism where an unelected politician crosses the threshold of Number Ten.

More later.. I am going to have a drink. New Labour is over, break open the Champagne and rejoice!

I am going to make a prediction, since I am generally quite good at them. My prediction is that the pressure of our national fiscal meltdown will be the source of rancour between the two parties of government. The Lib Dems are full of people who are at heart socialists, of the poofy, fluffy kind who like kittens and quiche. This will mean that they want to prop up the bloated public sector, opposing the necessary cuts, and damaging recovery. Just a prediction, but a credible one, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

rejoice! rejoice! Glad the Lib Dems are in as they'll rein in the excesses of the Tories.

Mrs Rigby said...

Nice feeling isn't it.

It's a start.

There'll probably be lots of protests and the BBC will be a bit awkward, but anybody with a bit of sense knows there have to be public spending cuts.

Have read that 'they' will raise the tax threshold, which is also a start, and an interesting one too.

It's a case of wait and see.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Wait and see indeed. I am cautiously hopeful.