The Pyramid public sector should now be under threat

I have been looking into something. During the course of searches I began to see how Labour has perpetuated itself and how it has spent our money, largely by stealth, on multi-layered Quangos and Charities. Essentially, it is not just that Labour pumps money into non-productive sector organisations, but these organisations in turn raise orders for more quangos, more consultants and more waste.

Here is just one example.

“Futurebuilders”, is a Labour-created quango that creates jobs in the public sector – basically just another organisation that diverts tax-payer’s money into non-jobs. (The Tories are going to shut it down)

In 2007, Futurebuilders England  hired nine consultants to promote the benefits of contracting out services to charities. (They refused to reveal the cost of these consultants)
Futurebuilders was criticised by the National Audit Office for not delivering value for money, and it also has links to Common Purpose, another favoured public sector cash cow that among other things, siphons off vast consultancy and training fees from organisations such as the Police, the BBC and the NHS. CP's fanatical adherence to secrecy seems at variance with it's charitable status. 

This is not really a conspiracy, as some suggest, and neither are any of the recipients of tax payer' money really lizards from outer space. It is merely a confederacy of hapless bureaucrats and micky mouse job holders who hopefully may now wake up to the real world. They are so tribal that I doubt if it ever occurs to them that it is our money they are spending and our petrol that now costs £1.30 a litre and that VAT on money that has already been taxed is taking the piss.

The Labour Government was riddled with layers of bureaucracy which masked the true extent of its profligacy. PFI was a high profile one, but there are thousands of major and minor publicly funded outfits that could quite easily be lanced. There is no need for the amount of external consultancies and training courses that have flourished under Labour; the costs of some of these courses, obtained under FOI requests, are eye watering and defy any qualitative audit.

Oddly, this is an area where a lot of those who benefit are middle class and wet. It is unlikely that "equality consultants" or "grant application advisors" will be battling cops on the picket line. An easy target then? Shooting fish in a barrel? Give me the gun.


Rebel Saint said...

And there's the other major point that all these public sector jobs don't actually create the wealth needed to pay back the deficit.

They get paid by tax payers money, which then gets taxed straight back into the system and then back into the next public sector workers pay packet. A giant ponzi scheme.

No wonder he had to print however many billions it was in new cash.

God help Cameron as he tries to untangle these books!

Goodnight Vienna said...

Cameron will have a job on his hands if he tries to tackle this - especially with the LibDems in tow. Common Purpose self-perpetuating quangos and consultants must be demolished though - asap. They're at the heart of the rotten and corrupt state.

Anonymous said...

These jobsworths are meant to gratefully vote Labour any time. They should be gone by the end of the year. And don't forget the immigrants imported from certain communities who guarantee Labour the block vote.
I'm liking the new govt.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I have always thought that Labour is like Robin Hood, with the difference that Labour robs the working poor to pay the feckless and indolent. Thanks for taking the trouble to leave good comments, guys.