Aardman dominate Labour Leadership contest

The sinister Bristol organisation known only as Aardman have infiltrated the Labour Party and cleverly placed their own puppet leader. It is not known what his policies will be, but I am relieved to understand he is sympathetic to Chickens.

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Dave said...

Typical labour voting fiasco. David was supposed to win but got stitched up by the large number of "spoiled" voting papers.
Some good may come of it. People may realise that elections are about voting for winners, and AV or STV is biased towards the losing candidate gaining enough second choice votes. Labour's voting fiasco meant that some individuals could vote more than once. Orwell was right.

The media have already started calling him Red Ed, although "Wallace" is running a close second.

Will this headlong rush back to the 80s, and the current rewriting of Labour history to erase the very names of Bliar and Brown from the history books make them unectable for the considerable future?

God I hope so.