So the Formula One Grands Prix season looks as though it will go to the wire, with Hamilton crashing out once again and Fernando Alonso leading from pole to the chequered flag. I loved Heiki - his car caught fire so he steered it away from the pit lane in order to keep the crews safe, and then borrowed a fire extinguisher from McLaren to put it out. Personally, I think it is Webber's year.

Anyway, here is the Fernando song by those wonderful Swedes. I always fancied the brunette, Anna-Frid, who is actually a Norwegian and now styled, Her Serene Highness, after marrying a Prince. But anyhow, either of them I wouldn't turn down. She's apparently a widow now and lives in Zermatt. Is it worth me sending her an email?

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Jim Baxter said...

It's true. The brunette was always the choice of the discerning gentleman. Oh, sure, nobody would climb over the blonde one to get to the beardie weirdie or the other bloke, kinky boots or no.

Ged, your vow of silence is giving you the itch. I'd reconsider - not just for us but also for the sake of a posterity that will otherwise be shorn of your coruscating dialectical loquacity.

If that sounds saracstic it's just coz folks are too self-conscious and shy clear of the wider range of our glorious language these days - it aint meant that way.