The fallacy of Green Taxes

How much do you spend on travel to work each month? I expect the answer for most is a significant amount. It is necessary, for, you have to do it. There is rarely an alternative, and so I am minded to have a go at one Chris Huhne, who is proposing that your journey to work should be taxed even more.

Chris Huhne is a man with a useless, silent, letter in his name. Had it been pronounced, it would sound like Huhune and then he would have an extra syllable. The extra "aitch" is a stealth letter, designed to be there to confuse and distract the unwary.

And its the same with Green Taxes. (Nice segway, if a little contrived) If there has ever been a cynical ploy to milk your average worker of more money, it is Green Taxes. The last government did not even bother to pretend that they were anything more than ways of collecting extra revenue to spend on fathers of ten and other clever ideas. £26 billion is raised at the petrol pumps, and it goes straight into the exchequer to fund lesbian awareness away days and wheelie bin monitoring consultancies, and failed PFI hospitals and Somali translators and, of course, feckless scroungers. (Yes, I know some of these things are funded by council tax, but in other news, the Dim Plebs are planning to lift the cap on Local Government Spending and that means the money has to come from somewhere and for political reasons it will be central government.) And so it is with disgust and asperity that I note that Mr Huhunehuhune is proposing some eyewatering taxation in the name of the environment.

According to The Telegraph, it will add £800 a year to everybody's tax bill, not including the inevitable price rises associated with fuel increases:

Drivers would be forced to pay an extra 30p for a litre of petrol if all the extra revenue were raised that way.
Taxes on plane tickets, which currently bring in about £1 billion a year, could also go up, sources close to Mr Huhne said. 

Let us get one thing straight shall we? These shysters don't give a fuck about the environment. What they are doing is preventing a national meltdown due to the massive debt level, the fucked up welfare state, the crumbling infrastructure, and a confrontation with the unions. In effect, the ruling classes merely want to save their own skins, and the easiest way to do this is to take from the working classes and all those sandal-wearing Guardianistas who are so vapid they think the word Green means fluffy and caring.

Wonderful. Well, I didn't vote for the fuckers. As far as I can see, they are Labour lite. Who is in charge?


Bob said...

Yes that fool Huhne. Ran off with a lesbian and dumped his poor wife. He's got 7 houses now paid for by troughing at our expense. He wants to build thousands of useless windmills to save the planet. Denmark finally threw in the towel with windmills after putting up 9,000 of the things.

In other greenie news that maniac 'Moonbat' from The Gruinard has finally thrown in the towel.

Dave said...

Huhne? Wasn't he one of the characters in "The man with two brains", a wonderful Steve Martin film from a long time ago?

I agree with you about Green taxes. make the people feel guilty about despoiling the planet, then extract money from them. Guilt tax.


PS. Glad you're posting again