New Map of Europe for School Kids - True Brit edition

Yanko Tsvetkov has designed a series of maps which conform to national stereotypes. This is the one he did for Britain. Are we really like this?


Jim Baxter said...

Trashy? ABBA? Sniff.

Well, maybe the lyrics. But then how many people who know the song know that a super trouper is a big show light that follows you around on stage? Hmm? How many? I don't men yer actual Weasel. He knows about that kind of thing. I mean yer average bod. Lyrics sound a lot less trashy when you know that.

Many years ago I was interviewed for the telly under a Tall Blonde. Happy day that was.

Me I'm hetting bsack into Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass after that retrospective on him on BBC4 the other night. Transferring eveything I can find on the internet onto a great big tape recorder. Sixties technology for sixties music I says.

Herb kinda minds me o Artie Shaw. Both impossibly good looking guys with genius too. I hate people like that.

Dave said...

Sweden is more than ABBA. remember " Barbie Girl"?

He's right. I rest my case.

(having said that- at least the Swedes write their trash in a foreign (to them) language. Somehow I can't see any of our highly lauded pop glitterati doing that)

Jim Baxter said...

remember " Barbie Girl"?


I think, in any case, that the Bulgarian genetlemen is wrong in his portrayal of British perceptions of Sweden. Sweden will always mean skin flicks to Britons of a certain age - films that end with the word 'SLUT!' splashed across the screen.

Gosh this blog is better without Weasel himself sticking his oar in in the comments. He was terrible for that before.