William Hague - with friends like this..

The William Hague story will not go away. Andrew Pierce, writing in today's Mail has another go at Guido, who "maliciously spread unfounded rumours about William Hague's sexuality." (Notice he does not say "completely untrue"). So, Andrew Pierce, Alan Duncan, Iain Dale and Chris Bryant have all been very loud and proud about defending Hague. I wonder what they all have in common? With friends like this, who needs Guido?

By the way, I was surprised to find that Pierce has jumped ship from the Telegraph. (This is probably old news) He is a good sort, but it is a pity that, with re-cycling the Hague story and headlining his column with a David Laws story, it does rather look like an outpost of Pink News.

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DailyFail hires another eejit said...

Ha ha that Andrew Pierce has lost the plot. Everyone knows that Guido is Paul Staines. Guido has been on Sky News, the BBC etc as 'Paul Staines'. And how many thousands of dodgy Daily Wail articles are written under a pseudonym ?
Good link though WW. That Gloria from GMTV is gorgeous !