I am the Stig

A few people may have noticed that this blog has been closed for a bit. The reason, until now, could not be revealed. For the very simple reason: I am the Stig. Certainly, many of the commenters were getting too warm for me to carry on. Of course, Clarkson is appalled. No longer will he be able to nick Wrinkled Weasel's material.

There is something slightly disingenuous about some very wealthy men who are benefiting from world-wide marketing and residuals, complaining about a key member of the team who is fed up with being paid a few grand a show and does not even get a cut of the T-Shirt money. Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman are directors of a company called Bedder 6, set up to milk BBC's Top Gear ( a production from a public service broadcaster, paid for by licence fees) of the spin off benefits. According to the Guardian,

Accounts for Bedder 6 filed at Companies House showed an after-tax profit of £2.1m on a turnover of £24m. Clarkson, who reportedly earns around £1m for presenting Top Gear, owns 30% of Bedder 6 and as a result will have collected £479,000 from his share of the company's £1.59m dividend. He also received a £350,000 fee for "payment for services".

Ben Collins has been accused by Clarkson and Wilman of being greedy.

Perhaps it is time for a female Stig?

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