Aah, the bit the BBC never mentioned.

Now it all makes perfect sense. The woman who stabbed Stephen Timms MP is a fanatical Muslim. Try finding the M word on BBC reports. You wont.

The BBC is a propaganda organisation which exists to promote a liberal left wing agenda. Part of this agenda is to sanitize all negative references to Muslims, who, by the way are responsible for all the major electoral fraud cases in the past ten years, who are responsible for all the mainland terrorist atrocities, and who have now infiltrated local politics with their own brand of anti-democracy, never mind the Peers and MPs who have been on the fiddle.

There used to be a joke about Daily Mail readers being confused when it was reported that asylum seekers ate single mothers.

The BBC must have a similar problem with the fact that Islam requires that Gays are stoned to death.

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Ed P said...

The BBC is a PUBLICLY-FUNDED propaganda organisation - it wouldn't matter & no-one would give a .... if it were privately funded.

What's that about "balanced & fair reporting"? Sorry, I must have missed it.