BBC announces end of pensions dispute

(Reuters) - Management at state-funded broadcaster BBC has reached agreement in principle with trade unions in a dispute against planned changes to its pension scheme, the BBC said on Tuesday.
Members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) staged a 48-hour strike earlier this month, resulting in the repeat of many programmes in place of flagship news programmes.
A further 48-hour strike was planned for November 15-16, but was called off to allow talks to take place.
"As staff will know, we met with the joint unions at ACAS today in order to resolve the final point of clarification around our pension proposals," Lucy Adams, BBC director of business operations, said in an email to staff.

Will that be the NUJ being reasonable, or was it the fact that nobody gives a toss whether the propaganda arm of The Labour Party was off air for a few days?


Anonymous said...

I give a toss, I was hoping for a prolonged shutdown!

Jim said...

The BBC strike was lovely and nostalgic. Like being back in the 1970's. Their limited output reported the news rather reported on the news.
I almost expected a power cut and a quick cup of creamola foam before being sent off to bed before the groundbreaking and edgy 'Panorama' came on.

Ed P said...

It was hard to tell any difference from the usual repeats. The loss of many programmes improved the overall quality. Since they have inadvertantly demonstrated how over-staffed they are, a cut in the licence fee should be on the agenda.

Dave said...

It was Robin day who first drew my attention to the fact that most of what passed for news reporting was in fact one journalist asking another what he thought was going on.
In other words- speculation.

Since then it has gotten far worse.
Adverts masking as news- film premiers that show clips of the film, or press conferences about a pop star's latest record or tour.

Then there's propaganda-
Global warming is a particular hobby horse that the BBC has signed up to. Nothing more than unproven and unprovable scaremongering.

A lot of real news goes unreported for various reasons and the BBC is guilty of suppressing anything that is not politically correct or does not line up with their aims and objectives.

I could go on but I'd be guilty of repeating myself.

Oh and the weather reports can't be trusted either.

We don't need a 24 hour rolling news programme, so there's another saving