Broadband Ishhoos

My internet connection is fecked. BT claim that "problems in the Edinburgh area" are "resolved". No they are not. Nothing is loading and I feel lucky to be able to do this much.
I would like to reassure viewers that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Jim Baxter said...

Swinging Safari. Ron Goodwin wasn't it?

Could google that but refuse to do so. Weakens memory, and mine is weak enough already.

Either way, Ron was good, original margaret Rutherford Miss Marple theme, Battle of Britain march. But not to be confused with the mighty Ron Grainer. Grainer was mighty.

Jim Baxter said...

Ok, googled it. Ok, it was Bert K did Swinging Safari.

Anyway, Ron Grainer, yes. Gave you tunes you only thought you could whistle. Try whistlingthose diminished and augmented chords and chords that have no name that he invented. He was the guy that found the lost...

And of course the planes falling out of the sky music in BoB was Walton. Goodwin did the tuney stuff for that film. Walton did the stuff that nobody else would have thought of.

Wasn't it Walton?. Back in a mo. Feel a quick google coming on.

Ed P said...

That's Test Card F for FAIL

Dave said...

I was rather hoping it was the vibraphone music they used to play when they showed the potters wheel in the breaks between the programmes.

Ah well, nostalgia ain't what it used to be.