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One of the supervisors, who oversees the firm’s 50 or so largely Muslim employees, explains to me the ­religious principle behind this process.
‘Animals that are stunned are not halal. An animal that is unconscious is not going to listen to the prayer.
‘In the Holy Book, it says that the animal should listen to the prayers of Allah. If it’s unconscious, then it won’t be able to do that.’ 

A Muslim explains the rationale behind the killing of animals for human consumption, in today's Mail.


Ed P said...

So do the animals have to learn Arabic before they can be slaughtered "correctly"?
There is no point in trying to reason with such barbaric cruel savages.

Richard said...

Interesting to see the animal rights people up in arms about this. They have been digging up Muslim people's grandparents, targetting Muslim areas with 'your imam is a child molester' leaflets, and threatening to firebomb a mosque or two. All because of the unconscionable cruelty of halal.

Only kidding.

Dave said...

Where can I get halal pork?

A true story told to me some time back. A friend was working as a consultant engineer in Turkey. he enjoyed his English bacon breakfasts.

One day a local took him to one side and asked him to please answer one question about his faith.
My friend, was only a nominal Christian, so with some trepidation agreed to answer the man's question.

What would it be? The nature of the Trinity? Transubstantation?

The question was much more practical.
The man said that as a Muslim he was forbidden from eating pork. He said that the bacon my friend had every day for breakfast smelled wonderful- what did it taste like?

Food for thought