Britain's MI6 to publish glamour calendar

Stung by accusations that British female spies working abroad are "a bunch of GILFs", and that their Russian counterparts are young and sexy, MI6 has decided this year to publish a 2011 glamour calendar of current operatives. A contact within the organisation has passed me a proof of next year's Miss February. Please do not communicate this post to third parties or attempt to publish it on your blog.
(NB Stella's codename is "Diana". My agent handler contact tells me this will be removed before publication.)


Houdini said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jim said...

She's MILF that I wouldn't mind on a cold December night ;)
Just looked at what questions handycock has been asking.
Why isn't the old perv locked up aswell ?..

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry Houdini. I cannot allow that kind of post. It is not only potentially libellous, but not worthy of your usual laconic wit.

Richard said...

It used to be that homosexuals were considered a 'security risk'. Now the biggest risk seems to be sad middle-aged guys with 70s haircuts. Easy meat for a pretty girl.

I'm a cut above that, of course, but Helen Mirren would test my resolve.

Houdini said...

Fair enough, bye, though it shows how out of touch with reality you are.

I, of course, won't be back.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Houdini, this is the first time in six years of blogging that I have had to delete a post for legal reasons. In fact, it is only about the third or fourth time in the history of the blog that I have done so at all.

You are the one that is not in touch with reality if you think you can get away with libellous and extremely nasty personal comments about the person in the picture.