Broadband - some progress

I was rung up this evening by a very competent young man called Connor, from Derry, who has applied himself to the problem of my shite broadband speed. He was thorough, articulate and made everything clear and took me through some simple operations I needed to do. He also rang me back when he said he would. It seems there is a problem upstream and it is not my fault. And what do you know? I am back to a heady 3.2 megabits. Connor has taken this very seriously, without me having to say, "Do you know who I am?". Indeed, he has advised me that the case will undergo further investigation, but nevertheless has managed to restore my connection somewhat. How someone in Northern Ireland can do this, is beyond me, but he did and this has pleased me somewhat.

For the record, BT has scored five stars double plus good. With service like this, why would anyone want to change?


Jim said...

Excellent news. I wouldn't switch from BT. Good guys with UK call centres.

Richard said...

Glad you're sorted, and that sounds like great service. Daughter No.2 spent last year working in a BT call centre and was then made redundant. When we had a technical issue I called them and spoke to a young man who recognised the surname (it's not a common one) and asked if I were any relation to (let's say) Alice, as he knew her father lived in Wales. It turns out that they did their initial training together and got on like a house on fire. I had excellent service from him, to be sure, but the problems weren't resolved until I ditched BT Fon.

UK call centres are a major positive in any decision I make these days.